Best Headphones For Digital Piano or Keyboard

The designs of the most current digital pianos have a headphone jack function where you can plug your headphones and practice or perform any time without disturbing others. Headphones features are among the essential aspects of a digital piano that you can not find in a traditional acoustic piano. Unfortunately, most people opt for low-quality earbuds or over-ear headphones, which produce poor quality sounds rather than headphones with great quality, comfortable design with accurate and rich sound. 

Our buyer’s guide is designed to help you get the best headphones for your digital piano or keyboard. A pair of headphones is a basic accessory of a digital keyboard. They allow you to enjoy your listening experience privately and quietly without people around you judging you when you hit a wrong note. It is good you take your time to research the best headphones for your digital piano to ensure you have something that meets all your needs.

Beginners who aspire to become piano experts spend most of their time learning and practising new skills. Sometimes, they can stay awake all night practising. For enhanced concentration, privacy, and quiet practising, quality headphones will help you achieve this for improved grasping skills. Quality headphones ought to meet the following:

  • They should be compatible with your digital piano headphones’ output so that you do not end up having to buy adapters.
  • Produce quality sounds that do not irritate your ears.
  • They should make you feel a difference in sound produced by your digital piano’s built-in speakers. The sound should always feel better.
  • Also, they must have the ability to mute digital piano speakers completely. 

When searching for the best quality headphones, two things should be on your mind: comfort and sound quality. Headphones that provide neutral sound with a well-balanced frequency response are perfect for a digital piano. For piano lovers or anyone learning piano skills, you will be required to wear your headphones for a prolonged period. Choose headphones that will not give you fatigue or cause any form of pain or discomfort. On our list, we have headphones that will offer you great comfort and sound quality and exert the right amount of pressure on the head. There are numerous characteristics to consider, such as leakage, isolation, and soundstage, but all of these will depend on the design of the headphones.

What headphone type to look for

There are many categories of headphones. They include over-ear, earbuds, on-ear, and in-ear headphones. With digital pianos, on-ear and in-ear will not be a perfect option, but over-ear will do great with your digital piano. 

Over-ear headphones are available in two types which include:

1. Closed-back headphones

This is undoubtedly the most familiar and popular type of headphones you can easily find at any electronic outlet. Unlike their open-back counterpart, closed-back has a solid outer shell that does not allow air to pass their cups. Sealed ear cups provide a greater and deeper base than headphones whose cups are open.

These types of headphones also have excellent noise isolation features as they block the noise entirely from outside. This feature makes these headphones suitable for use in areas that have too much noise. Also, they are great for office use or when you are commuting. If you are performing or practising the piano at home and your cohabitants or family members are watching tv or talking, these types of headphones will work best for you. 

Closed-back design prevents the leaking of sound to your surroundings so that other people can watch T.V. or read without any disturbances. Despite headphones being able to help you practice quietly, you can hardly prevent the sound produced by the key action of your keyboard.

Closed-back headphones pros

  • They have a great bass response.
  • Their ability to isolate noise is excellent.
  • They are great for focused practice.
  • Also, they allow you to practice quietly without having to disturb others.

Closed-back headphones cons

  • The sound cups tend to be less airy and open.
  • After using them for a few hours, they make your ears sweaty and hot, thus creating some sort of discomfort.
  • They tend to colour the sound.

2. Open-back headphones

Open-back headphones are not very common compared to closed-back because of one thing: they do not have a noise isolation feature. This can be a real issue as they tend not to be suitable for everyone. Notwithstanding, many audiophiles and musicians prefer this type of headphones because of the natural sound and great soundstage, making the listening experience more exciting and enjoyable. Poor noise isolation is caused by ear cup openings that allow air to pass through the headphones cups. 

The Cup opening makes you hear all sounds from your surroundings, but it is slightly reduced. This may be an issue if you live in a noisy neighbourhood, with many kids or traffic. However, it might be an advantage because you will hear everything going on in your environment. In case of an emergency, you will be able to listen to your fire alarm or your doorbell. These headphones may be appropriate if you have some kids to take care of as you can play your piano and take care of other things.

One of the drawbacks of open-back headphones is that they leak relatively a bit of sound into your environment, meaning you can disturb other people near your, especially when you increase the volume of your piano. At the same time, these headphones have the following advantages:

  • Because of free airflow, the excess moisture and heat easily escape the headphones’ cups; hence they are ideal for extended use. You can use them for hours without feeling any form of discomfort or fatigue. 
  • Open-back headphones offer a wider and enhanced airy soundstage than their counterpart closed-back models. They offer a more realistic and natural sound, making you feel like you are having a live piano session. 
  • It is undoubtedly more interesting using these headphones than the experience offered by closed-back, especially when you are playing classical and instrumental music.


For a more beautiful and spacious sound, most high-market audiophile headphones have an open-back ear cups design. Since we are searching for the best headphones for a digital piano, noise isolation is not an issue as what matters a lot is your surroundings.

Open-back headphones pros

  • They have a wide and airy soundstage.
  • They offer excellent instrument separation.
  • You will get an accurate and clear sound.
  • They are ideal for listening to instrumental and classical sounds.
  • They are suitable for wearing for prolonged periods.

Open-back headphones cons

  • These headphones are not ideal for use around people as they tend to leak sound.
  • They have poor noise isolation.
  • They offer less punchy bass.

Features to keep in mind before buying a pair of headphones

We have listed factors that you should consider before purchasing headphones. Check the factors carefully, and according to your preferences and needs, you will know which headphones will be appropriate for you.

1. Design, weight, and comfort 

The headphones design is a critical feature you should consider. It has a great impact on comfort. You need a pair of headphones with a sturdy design that can not break apart easily. Also, you should ensure you choose lightweight headphones, or else you won’t be able to wear them for a prolonged period. 

Check if the headphones have pads and cushions for enhanced comfort when you are using them. Many headphones come with headbands that you can easily adjust, allowing you to customise the band to your convenience.  

2. Impedance and sensitivity

The impedance of your digital piano is the source impedance, while the impedance of your headphones will be the load impedance that you need to consider. The impedance of the headphones is mostly between 8-600 ohms. The audio source impedance is kept low most of the time. You should choose a pair of headphones whose impedance matches your digital piano. If you need high-quality audio, you must ensure the impedance of the headphones and digital piano are matching. 

Note, impedances can not be the same. Different impedances need different sources. High impedance headphones will require powerful amplification to offer their best quality sound. Low impedance headphones are appropriate for reproducing moderate sound quality even from devices with low voltage. 

3. Frequency response 

There are two things you should consider about the frequency response of headphones before buying. First, you should know the frequency range the headphones cover. If they are able to cover a wide range, you can hear all the notes of your digital piano well. Headphones with lower frequencies do not produce sound clearly. Secondly, ensure to check whether there is the consistency of sound quality across different frequencies. The output ought to be consistent so as not to miss out on anything.

4. Cable length

The cable’s length will determine the ease of setting up your digital piano with your headphones. Headphones with a decently long cable will help you to play your piano in a very convenient position. 

5. Durability and warranty

After investing in a pair of quality headphones, you would want them to serve you for a decent amount of time. When checking for headphones, look for headphones with sturdy construction. The material used to construct headphones is not the only thing that dictates a headphone’s quality. All-plastic headphones are fairly long-lasting if their design is good. You should ensure you check the warranty offered by different brands of headphones. Headphones that come with a great warranty tend to be trustworthy as they present manufacturers’ confidence with their products.

Our best headphones for digital piano/keyboards

Sennheiser HD 599 Special Edition, Open Back Headphone, Black - Exclusive to Amazon
This is an open-back type of headphones. It has an ergonomic acoustic refinement (e. A.R.) design which transfers the audio signals into your ears. It is padded headphones with luxurious earpads, making it ideal for wearing for long hours. A padded headband and luxurious earpads are suitable for long listening sessions. If you are searching for headphones with great design, good quality, and exceptional sound, the Sennheiser HD 599 Special Edition is the headphone product for you. This headphone takes you into a world of audiophile sound reproduction.

Since you will be using your headphones with your digital piano, these headphones offer a natural, well-balanced, and outstanding performance. They have a classic black finish and metallic silver accents, which communicate quality at first glance. For piano lovers, they will love these headphones as they are crafted to impress.

Main features

Below are the main selling areas of these headphones:

  • They offer premium components. The Sennheiser transducers apply aluminium voice coils, which deliver high frequency, low distortion, and excellent dynamics.
  • Their open-back, around-ear design makes them ideal for music, especially when using a digital piano.
  • They feature versatile connectivity. The headphones come with two removable cables. One for home entertainment use such as a digital piano and another for laptops, phones, and tablets.
  • They offer extreme comfort. These headphones are lightweight, robust in design, and have velour-covered ear cushions with a padded headband to deliver more comfort when playing your digital piano for a prolonged period. 

Why we have chosen it

This product came on top of our list because of its outstanding design and features. First, we have already established that noise isolation is not an issue when using your headphones with your digital piano. They have an open-back design that allows air to pass the cups, so you will not feel any heat at all. Also, they will enable you to take care of other things when you are using them. In case of any emergency, you will be able to react faster. For example, in case of a fire accident, you will hear the fire alarm. This feature makes these headphones very convenient. 

Away from using these headphones with your digital piano, you can connect them to your phones, laptops, or tablets. This makes them quite versatile when it comes to connectivity. They come with two detachable cables, one suitable for a home entertainment system and another for connecting to your devices. 

Piano lovers spend a lot of time on their piano, playing their favourite sounds. You wouldn’t want headphones that make your ears hot or that give you a rough feel. These headphones are equipped with cushions, and they are also padded for enhanced comfort, especially when you are using them for long hours. In addition, they are lightweight, meaning you will not feel a lot of weight on your head when you are playing your piano.

The quality of the sound produced by these headphones is an exceptional one. They offer you a more realistic sound that makes you feel like you are performing live. Despite reducing the amount of sound produced by a piano, they improve your playing skills because of the motivation you get from great sounds. 

Read reviews

Different people have different tastes, needs, and preferences when it comes to the choice of headphones. Because of this reason, this product has a lot of reviews of people giving different experiences with these headphones. Some praise them for the excellent services they offer, while others give their shortcomings. Read reviews to know what to expect when you buy this pair of headphones. Be unbiased when reading reviews to make a good judgment. 

Philips SHP9500/00 Headphone

Product description

Philips SHP9500 provides you with high-precision sound. Philips has been making acoustic headphones for more than 50 years, and they remain dedicated to designing high-standard headphones in both sound and performance. Philips works to ensure they offer innovative and refined products while incorporating your experiences and preferences into their outstanding designs. 

You can use these headphones with or without amplifiers. They have an open-back, over-ear design for prolonged use. Their impedance is low, making them suitable for use with or without headphone amplifiers, allowing you to experience excellent sound transparency and high frequencies. The product comes with an adjustable 1.5 m cable for easy movement and position and a 3.5-6.5 mm adapter for listeners with audiophile-grade equipment. 

The 50 mm drivers apply high-power neodymium magnets, reproducing different music dynamics with well-balanced crisp bass, pristine high frequency, and transparent mid-range. The open-back design eliminates the air pressure that builds up behind your headphones driver, offering the diaphragm more movement freedom. The drivers are designed to fit your ears naturally: ear -shells provide accurate and precise sound. 

Product specifications

  • Frequency range: 12 – 35,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB
  • Maximum power input: 200 mW
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Acoustic system: Open
  • Magnet type: Neodymium
  • Speaker diameter: 50 mm

Main features

The following are the key selling areas of these headphones:

  • They have an open-back design that removes pressure build-ups behind the drive, making the diaphragm move freely. Also, this design makes the air escape. 
  • They offer extended frequencies.
  • Their design allows them to naturally fit your ears’ geometry, giving you accurate and precise sound.
  • The 50 mm neodymium drivers give the full spectrum of sound.
  • They are equipped with breathable ear cushions for more comfort during prolonged use.
  • These headphones come with a long adjustable cable for easy movement, making them suitable for indoor use.
  • Made from steel metal, the headphones offer the right amount of strength. Also, the material makes them long-lasting headphones.

Why we have chosen it

This product is among the best headphones you will find on the market for your digital piano. It is crafted to ensure you get the value for your money. The design of these headphones is open-back, which ensures you experience great listening moments while being aware of what’s happening around you. The headphones give you a realistic and natural feel of your digital piano as their sound remains constant in varying frequencies.

When it comes to comfort, these headphones ensure you get all the comfort you may need. First, they are lightweight, meaning they will not feel heavy when you are wearing them. So you can use them when you are playing your digital piano for prolonged periods. Secondly, they have cushioning and padding features, which give you a nice feel, and you do not get to experience the rough feel of the headphones material. Their open-back design allows the air to pass, reducing the amount of heat and pressure that build up in your ears when wearing your headphones. Also, they are engineered to naturally fit your ears to offer you accurate and precise sound and get the audio signals directly into your ears.

SHP9500 are crafted with rolled steel which makes them withstand any tension from your digital piano rhythms. With this feature, they are therefore powerful and can serve you for a more extended period. 

Read reviews

If you want to get more information about SHP9500 headphones, read reviews. This product has a lot of great reviews, which indicate that most people are satisfied with what the product offers. Also, they prove us right with our views on this product to offer you a great feel of the sound. However, some users feel that these headphones are not good, and buyers should consider other options. They have stated their reasons for not recommending this product. 

As a buyer looking for the best headphones for your digital piano, ensure you read top reviews keenly and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of this product carefully to make an informed decision before buying it.

OneOdio Headphone Over Ear Wired Hi-Fi Studio Headphones 50mm Speaker 1/4 inch 6.35mm Jack Adapter Free Closed-Back Headphones for Smart Phones DJ Electric Drum Keyboard Guitar Amp PC Music

Product description

Hi-Res audio gives crystal clear, loss-free music playback facilitated by nee Studio Hi-Fi 50mm neodymium drivers. The high-quality silk clear diaphragm reproduced great bass and clear treble. The sound frequency extends up to 40kHz. These headphones provide a more natural and realistic sound which ensure your digital piano notes are not distorted. They are therefore ideal for music production, casual listening, monitoring, mixing, and recording. 

These headphones are excellent when it comes to noise isolation. The ear shell is designed to tilt 15 degrees, and earmuffs fit your ears naturally to entirely wrap your ears to offer you a tight, comfortable, and prevent music leak while isolating noise. The headband is filled with memory-protein cotton, which can be stretched to accommodate your most-desired size.

Main features

Below are the key selling components of these headphones:

  • They have an excellent sound quality with greater housing, robust 50mm Neodymium drivers, and clear impactive bass.
  • You can wear these headphones for long sessions. Both paddings and earmuffs are covered with extra smooth leather, which makes them more comfortable.
  • They are perfect for isolating noise.
  • It has a share port technology that allows pairing your device through an audio 3.5 cable. This technology allows you to share tunes with your friends and family.

Why we have chosen it

Other than the great sound quality, these headphones provide you with unique features that make your piano sessions more interesting, flexible, and productive. They have a closed-back design, meaning they isolate noise effectively with the help of soft paddings and earmuffs being covered with smooth leather.

The design makes these headphones ideal for wearing during long sessions. The headbands are filled with memory-protein foam which stretches to meet your needs, for enhanced comfort. With paddings, headbands, and earmuffs fully covered, they block noise entering in or out of your headphones, allowing you to perform without distractions.

They are designed with two audio cables of different sizes at each end. The shorter 3.5 mm audio jack is mainly used for making calls using your iPad, laptop, or iPhone, while the longer 6.35 cord is ideal for any setup without the need for adapters. They can be used in a studio to monitor audio, especially for a live stream. They are widely compatible with piano, keyboard, guitar, vocal microphones, and amplified instruments.

Read reviews

We have explained different features about these headphones that we think will help you get quality sound and practice quietly. Read reviews to prove if what we say is true or if the headphones perform the way we have said they do. You will get reviews from different independent verified buyers stating their experience with these headphones. This product has both negative and critical reviews. However, critical reviews can not outdo positive reviews. Take your time to read reviews to determine if these headphones will meet your needs or not.

Other additional headphones that are perfect for use with your digital piano/keyboard include:

Roland RH-5 Monitor Headphones for Everyday Music Making And Audio Playback,Black
  • This entry model in Roland’s acclaimed RH range is a great choice, equipped with 40mm drivers they deliver a dynamic-yet-balanced tone from digital pianos, guitars, synths, digital drums and more.
  • Even when the session’s over, the RH-5 headphones are ideal for streaming music, complete with powerful bass and crystal clear highs.
  • Exceptional value and high-quality performance.
  • Provides a natural, balanced response for a range of instruments
  • Secure and comfortable lightweight design.
Our best digital piano/keyboards headphones have been intensively studied, tried, tested, and proved effective and efficient. We believe you will get the headphones you have been looking for in our guide. Remember to read reviews before purchasing any product to weigh out the best options. 

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