Best Keyboards For Kids & Toddlers

A lot of people think that shopping for kids is hard, but the fact is it is not. Nowadays, it is straightforward to shop for kids as you can walk through the toy aisle and grab your kids’ favourite toy without any struggles. Most kids’ toys have flashiest lights, bright colours, with favourite cartoons and movie characters. All these features make kids have more fun with their toys. 

Shopping for toys for kids that go beyond entertainment offers some level of education or inspiration that can be hard to buy. Kids’ products such as keyboards introduce your kids into the music world and allow them to be more creative. 

This guide consists of the important information you may need when buying a keyboard for your kid. These ‘beginners’ keyboards are not just for fun but also to encourage curiosity and creativity that you will hardly get from other toys. Also, your toddler needs such an instrument to enhance their psychological development.

We have compiled some of the best keyboards that we think will help your kids learn musical skills early. Also, we have provided some things you need to consider before buying your kids’ and or toddlers’ keyboards. Music has a lot of benefits for children. It supports kid’s development and practices how their body and mind can work together. A keyboard will be an ideal choice for aspiring musicians, and it is also suitable for those who can not manage to keep an acoustic or full-size piano at home. 

How to select the perfect keyboard for your kids

Before deciding which type of keyboard will be appropriate for your kid, there are many things to consider. The following are the factors to look out for:

1. Understand your kid

This may sound so obvious, but it is a little bit more complex than you might think. Every child is unique in their ways. You can not compare your kid to your friend’s kids. There is a range of keyboards that can work for other kids but fail to work for yours. Before shopping for a keyboard, establish your kids’ needs first to get the most from the instrument you will choose for them. If you buy a keyboard that your child is not ready for, it is a way of putting them off the music. 

2. Kids like toys

Kids love playing with their toys. Getting them a keyboard that is similar to a toy can be a game-changer. Most toddler keyboards are similar to toys. For slightly older kids, you will not need a keyboard with flashing lights or multi-coloured buttons. What will be most important for such kids will be engaging features. Interactive features such as fun tutorials and some challenges make using keyboards more playing than learning. 

The biggest secret for children is getting them something that will get all their attention as toys do. Ensure what you buy them is not a toy but an instrument that gives them a real musical value. 

3. Price

On your kid’s first keyboard, you should not spend a lot. The main goal of kid’s keyboards is to allow them to enjoy exploring music. It should bring a natural musical interest from no musical experience to wanting to learn more. As long as it serves the purpose, it is always good to buy the cheapest keyboard available. 

Once you notice they have developed an interest in music, you can upgrade the type of keyboard that will help them improve their skills. You wouldn’t want to buy an expensive keyboard that will end up gathering dust just because your kids did like it.

4. Size

Kids like moving with their toys everywhere. The keyboard is no different. When you think about how many keys your child’s keyboard should have, you should consider how portable it will be. If it has less than 37 keys, it will be easier to carry it, but if it has 61 keys, it will be a real struggle for parents. So, the size of the keyboard is something you should keep in mind. 

We recommend you go for a keyboard with 37 keys rather than a keyboard with 61 keys. Since you just want something that will encourage your kids to engage in music, a keyboard with 61 keys will be of no importance. 

5. Sound

At an earlier stage, the quantity of sound is more important than quality. You should have a keyboard that will keep your kids’ creativity and imagination flowing, and a keyboard can only achieve this by having many sounds.   

Sound experts suggest that kids need high-quality sounds when they are young. We have a different opinion, as we consider an instrument that will make them enjoy it first. You should not focus on the quality of sound at this stage. Soon, you will find out if your child still enjoys music, which will be the time you should upgrade.

6. Full-Size Keys or Mini-Keys

The size of keys entirely depends on the age of your child.  Although it is good to get used to a real keyboard, your child needs to be ready for it. It is way better for your child to play using mini keyboards than struggle with full-size keys.

This choice depends entirely on the age/size of the child. It’s good for kids to get used to a real keyboard as soon as possible, but it has to be when they are ready for it. It’s far better for a child to play happily on mini-keys than to struggle on full-size keys.

Our best keyboards for kids and toddlers

A) Best keyboards for toddlers

AmyBenton Piano Toys for 3 Years Old - Toddler Toy Piano for Girl - Piano Toy with Microphone for Baby (31Keys, Pink)
Product description

Amy&Benton Piano Toys has a realistic piano shape. The instrument toy has a strong structure, engaging functions, and excellent sound. This piano can take all your kids’ attention, and it is loved all over the world by kids as it helps make kids get in developing music skills. It is a keyboard that your kids will like to play with because of its many features. The baby piano is equipped with 24 piano keys, eight percussion instruments, four musical instruments, karaoke with a microphone, a phone, and an external MP3. All these components help your kids not to get bored when they are using this piano toy and at the same time inspire them to love music.

This piano allows your kids to put on a show by using the microphone provided in the package. There can never be a suitable gift for your kids than this piano. It is made from high-quality, non-toxic, study, and safe ABS material, which has passed all certifications required and is powered by four  1.5 AA batteries. Your kid can play with it anywhere as it will not need to be connected directly to a power supply.

Main features

Below are the main features of this keyboard:

  • It has a shape similar to a real keyboard; hence it ushers your kids into a real musical world.
  • It is fun to play with; hence it may take your kids’ attention to help them develop an interest in music.
  • The piano is created from high-quality materials, making it a strong, safe, and durable instrument.
  • This piano is battery-powered, meaning your kid can play with it anywhere.
Why we have chosen it

We have put this piano on top of our list in the best keyboards for toddlers because of the great features it offers in helping your kids develop musical skills. It is equipped with a lot of things to make it an interesting tool. Elements such as 24 keys, four musical instruments, a phone, external MP3, a microphone, and eight percussions, make the keyboard more engaging, which creates an interesting experience for kids. 

This can be the best start to becoming a great music star. If you want to present a gift to your kids that will be more beneficial to their lives, Amy&Benton Piano is the best gift. Despite being a toy, it is very educational. In addition to its suitability for toddlers, it is lightweight, portable, and battery-powered.

Read reviews

Before buying this keyboard, get to know what other parents have to say about it if this is the first time you are purchasing toys for your kids. This way, you will know if this will be the right toy for your kids. Not all parents are impressed by this keyboard, but most agree with the manufacturer on what the keyboard offers. Read reviews keenly to decide whether this keyboard is the right toy for your kid or not.

Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano, 25 Keys and 2 Full Octaves
Product description

The Melissa & Doung Learn-to-Play Piano is an excellent piano for toddlers. It is an upright wooden piano with 25 keys and two full octaves. Playing with this piano is quite easy as it comes with an illustrated songbook with a simple to read English. This piano, therefore, is ideal for kids between the age of three to five years. It has engaging features which take your kids’ attention, allowing them to spend most of the time playing beautiful melodies, thus making them develop music interest at an early age. 

For over 30 years, Melisa and Doug have been in the industry of designing imaginative, creative and sparking children’s products. Their piano is no different as it ushers your kids into a whole new world of music at an early stage, which they take with them even when they are adults. They build toys that offer you a 100% guarantee as all their toys are designed with high-quality standards.

Main features

The following are the main selling features of this product:

  • It is easy to play with, making it an appropriate keyboard for toddlers. 
  • It is a brightly painted wooden piano which makes it more attractive, strong, and durable.
  • The company that manufactures it: Melissa & Doug, is well-known for its standard toy products.
  • This keyboard is appropriate for children between the age of three to five years.
Why we have chosen it

When the children are at the age of three years, they start developing an interest in many things. At this age, your kids will develop an interest in things you present to them. As the famous saying goes, “we accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.” If you want them to have an early interest in music, make sure you present them with the right musical toys. Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play piano can be a perfect gift for your kids at this age.

It is easy to play with as it is designed to make your kids learn and develop music skills through its exciting and engaging features. It comes with a simple English-written illustrated songbook to guide you in training your kids how to play the piano.

Read reviews

If you want to get more sides of this product, read reviews. They will give you a different perspective from which the manufacturer has given. Also, you will get more information about this piano than what we have given you. The product has great reviews, and most reviewers seem to recommend this product. At the same time, there are critical reviews whereby buyers state reasons why they did not like the piano. Reading reviews is important for better decision-making.

B) Best keyboards for kids

RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano Kit with Digital Piano Bench, Electric Piano Stand, Headphones Note Stickers & Simply Piano Lessons, Grey
Product description

When you look at this keyboard immediately, you might think it is not meant for kids. However, it has a lot to offer in developing your kids’ musical skills. It has a great bundle, the padded stool is also comfortable, the stand is fantastic, and their headphones are of excellent quality. The bundle gives you a professional setup without having to break the bank. Kids love its feel, which provides a similar keyboard experience to that one of grown-ups. It is ideal for kids who are past using toys.

The good thing about this product is that it is not only for kids, meaning they can use it even at an advanced music stage. It is also ideal for beginners, so you can use this piano to train some piano techniques. What stands out about this product is its large LCD screen which displays voice/rhythm information and shows keys/chords to play together with the 50 demo songs. It has 61 full-size sensitive keys, 100 rhythms, and 100 built-in invoices.

Main features

The following are the main features of this product:

  • It gives a similar feel to a grand piano, so it will not be difficult for your kids to transition to an acoustic piano.
  • It is excellent for beginners who are looking forward to being professional keyboardists.
  • The 100 built-in vices, 100 rhythms, and 61 full-size keys give your kids all they need to learn keyboard techniques.
  • Your kids can use this piano even during their advanced music stage; hence it is a worthwhile investment.
Why we have chosen it

RockJam is gaining a lot of momentum all over the world for being an excellent keyboard for beginners. The first thing that impressed us in the big LCD screen displays basic information for kids in the learning process. This makes it more engaging, which motivates your kids to learn more. 

Overall, it is an excellent keyboard for kids and beginners. At first, it might not seem very easy, but as your kids’ progress, it becomes more accessible and more enjoyable. With this product, you will not need to buy keyboard essentials separately; the package comes with a stand, piano stool, and headphones.

Read reviews

One way of checking the quality of a product in online shopping is through reading reviews. This is almost similar to trying out products in a showroom. Many buyers who have had an experience with this keyboard give different opinions about it. Some give impressive comments, while others shoot it down. With this information and varying thoughts, you will know if this piano will meet your kids’ needs or not.  This way, you will be in a position to determine whether it is the best keyboard product for your kids or not.

Casio SA-46 Mini 32 Keys Keyboard in Green
Product description

The Casio SA-46 is a smaller musical instrument that is appropriate for kids. It has 32 mini-key that are of a standard quality, just the right size for children’s hands. The top panel is excellently laid out to make everything clear and straightforward to follow. The most interesting part of the top panel is the five drum pads which trigger numerous percussion sounds once hit. These drums are a great way for kids to learn about rhythm.

The keyboard comes with 100 built-in voices, which include grand piano tones. Also, it has 50 drum patterns that help kids explore. 

Main features

Below are the main selling components of this piano:

  • It is designed with a drum pad that helps kids explore and learn different rhythms.
  • The keyboard has 32 mini-keys to keep your kids busy.
  • The Casio Music Academy offers free online lessons for kids.
  • It has a similar design to that one of a grand piano, although with limited keys.
Why we have chosen it

The main reason that pushed us to include this SA-46 on our list is its drum pads. You might think that your kids are just hitting them for fun, but the more they hit the drums, the more they develop great rhythms within a short time. You should not discourage them when hitting becomes annoying. Understanding rhythm is very critical for any aspiring instrumentalist. 

Another great feature of this keyboard is its portability. The fact that kids can carry it with them everywhere is a plus. Also, kids love keyboards that are coloured at the bottom section, and we thought this might be the best keyboard for young ones.

Read reviews

In all our product reviews and guides, we always remind our readers of one of the most critical things to do when shopping online: reading reviews. This is where your decision lie. You get to learn more about a product, whether it would meet your needs or not. This product, in particular, has excellent reviews. Take your time and read them to know if it has what you need for your kids.

Alesis Melody 32 – Portable 32 Key Mini Digital Piano / Keyboard with Built-in Speakers, 300 Built-In Sounds, 40 Demo Songs, USB-MIDI Connectivity
Product description

Alesis Melody 32 – Portable 32 Key Mini Digital Piano is an ideal keyboard for beginners. It is a portable keyboard with 32 mini piano-style keys powered by four AA batteries, although not included in the package. The keyboard includes 300 voices, built-in speakers, 300 built-in rhythms, and 40 Demo songs accompaniment mode. 

Your kids can practice anywhere using this keyboard. It powers through the four AA batteries and USB cable, which makes it power-secured wherever you go. You will also get a three-month premium course from Skoove, the easiest way to learn the keyboard.

Main features

Some of the main properties of this keyboard are:

  • It is a lightweight keyboard powered by four AA batteries, making it ideal for use anywhere.
  • It includes two months of lessons, over 60 lessons from Melodics, and three months of Skoove premium courses, which help kids learn keys faster and better. 
  • Its 32 mini-keys make it ideal for kids’ hands.
Why we have chosen it

Once you realise that your kids have an interest in music, in this case playing the keyboard, Alesis Melody 32 – Portable 32 Key Mini Digital Piano is the best place to make sure you kids learn the most relevant skills from piano experts. The package comes with some lessons that will help your kids learn better. Such lessons include a three-month Skoove premium course, 60 engaging lessons from Melodics, and a two-month course.

Read reviews

Different buyers have different things to say about Alesis Melody 32 – Portable 32 Key Mini Digital Piano. Most have said positive things about it, while some have given the drawbacks of this piano. Analyse reviews carefully to understand their pros and cons before purchasing this keyboard for your kids.

When buying keyboards for kids, the main priority should be how fun the keyboard is; when it is fun to play with, their interest in music improves. Whether it is for toddlers or grown-up kids, fun should be the first thing to consider. Other items should be secondary.

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