Best Drum Books For Beginners

Learning to play the drums can be rewarding, but it can also be irritating if you do not acquire quality instructional books. Choosing the best beginner’s book can be the determining factor of how you enjoy playing the drums, as well as if you will quit or be motivated to continue. A beginner’s book should start with basic teaching and then move at a slower pace to gradually understand each step in the process.

Baby steps are crucial in beginners’ learning process as they help learners understand why and how some pieces work together, thus making the learning process more fun and hungry for the next lesson. A quality drum beginners book provides learners with enough examples for learners to use to boost confidence before taking you on to more complex tasks.   

Even with incredible videos that exist on Youtube and Drumeo, reading drum book still plays a vital role in drum education. There are many drums books for beginners out there, but there are specific drums books for beginners that are equipped to teach and equip starters in the field of drums in a very nice and fun way.  

 Choosing the Best Drum Book

Drum books are written to teach a wide variety of techniques and methods. They contain exercises, designs, and strings of notes that enhance your drumming ability. One of the frequently asked questions by beginners is what makes a quality book since there are many drum books for beginners in the market. 

For beginners, most of the books that have experienced continuous success and are now regarded as classic drum books contain multiple applications. Books generally contain pages, but whatever the pages hold, that is what gives the book the quality. Quality books provide learners with material that enhances their musicality as well as their technical skills. Before choosing a book, it is better to consider the following:-

  • A quality beginner’s drum book should have steps that teach from simple to complex techniques. Choose a book that shows a focus on growth coordination, not a book that has random drumbeat techniques. Most beginners experience coordination challenges, and many writers tend to miss these challenges. A quality beginners book should contain exercises that aid the learner in coordination development to advance in more complex patterns easily.
  • When choosing a drum beginner book, it is better to check the date of publication. There are many good-quality books from back in the days that are great and highly impactful instructional books. While most of these materials may play a huge role for any serious learner, they might not be the wisest options for beginners. In today’s world, where everything is fast-paced, and people are looking for immediate gratifications, it is very different from when some of these books were written. 

Some of the modern written drum beginners books contain the latest step-by-step series of how beginners can learn drums before heading to complex concepts.  

  • When choosing a beginner’s book, it is wise to check if the book uses an easy-to-follow learning concept that you can cope with or it is hard. A drum book material that may contain a lot of words can be distrustful to beginners. A beginner’s book should be strictly musical notes which stand to be the most crucial content in a good beginner drum book material. Another thing to look out for is if the content of the beginner’s method book looks clean and is it easy to follow? A drum book with too much text can often be a distraction to music students especially if they are a beginner. The notes are the most important content found in a good beginner drum instruction book, and writing lots of text with the intention of filling up the empty space may cause confusion as one may write unnecessary information. 

Things to Consider before Purchasing a Drum Book for Beginners

  • What kind of books do trainers recommend for their lessons? Most musical teachers recommend a specific book for their music lessons; this could easily mean that the book is good. On the other hand, it is important to ask questions as some of the trainers may not be up to date with the learning materials.

Asking questions will give a better understanding of the trainer, the books you are to purchase, and the kind of learning you are to get from the trainer and the book. Many times trainers recommend drum books that they are familiar with and might not be the best for the student and skill levels you may require. The crucial thing to note is that beginners’ drum books should break down each and every step of learning to a level that beginners can easily relate to for easy understanding. 

  • Does the book contain thick or too much content? A book with too much information may cause frustrations and trigger the feeling of not reaching the end goal. Even if you are looking for a book that will take you at a gradual speed, it should not be so big that it frightens you to when you will finish the book. Every learner wants to finish a book with the feeling of accomplishment, and in the case of beginners, the same would be applied so as to boost confidence and the eagerness to advance in other drum books materials. It is also good to remember that learning is not a race, and it is always time to grow your skill.
  • Does the book contain spiral binding? This factors may not seem important, but once you have tried to position your learning material with anything other than a spiral on a music stand, you will understand. Some publishers use cheap printing options to publish their books; others use low-quality papers then staples them together to reduce the production cost. This trick may work for them, but for learners, this may be a problem as it may be hard to lay them flat as you practice. This may bring frustrations as you constantly try to keep the book in position and also try to concentrate on playing the drum. A good quality book should contain quality thick paper as well as a good spiral binding for ease of reading.  

Best drum books for beginners

The Drummer's Bible: How to Play Every Drum Style from Afro-Cuban to Zydeco

Product Description

If you love or have begun playing the drums and you would love to expand your knowledge about drums in different beats, then “The Drummer’s Bible” is for you. The Drummer’s Bible offers an experience of different drumming techniques such as jazz, rock, reggae, country blues, Latin rock, heavy metal, ska, samba, and funk. The book contains a well-explained bibliography, discography and also historical data of every style mentioned. The book takes the learner through music notations and understanding music as well. The book comes with two CDs that offer the learner a sampling of different drumming techniques and how you can go around them. 

“The Drummer’s Bible” book is an advanced and unique book that aids the learner in not only understanding the different styles of the music but also gives the learner a chance to create/ develop their own styles by giving them new techniques that are not common.         

Main features

These are the main features that are in the “The Drummer’s Bible”:-

  • The book is written in English.
  • The book contains 224 pages.
  • It has a dimension of 8.5″ x 0.6″ x 11 inches.
  •  It weighs about 0.68 kilograms.
  • The book has more than 450 examples of standard musical notations.

Why we have chosen it

“The Drummer’s Bible” is a great book that has highly impacted many drummers from being total strangers to drums to being professional drummers. The book comes with two CDs that are of great help to beginners as they contain several sampling videos that demonstrate how to play some drum techniques as well as learning musical notes in regards to drums.

The book has also received positive reviews from clients; this shows that the book has positively impacted the learners.


Reviews are the best gauging component of any publication. They contain genuine feedbacks from clients that have used the product and can be used by potential clients to aid them in gaining more information about the product to make the right decision.


Hal Leonard Drumset Method - Complete Edition (Books 1 & 2) (Includes Online Access Code): Books 1 and 2 with Video and Audio

Product Descriptions

The “Hal Leonard Druimset Method” is a book published for anyone who wants to learn how to play drumset. The book is easy to read and uses beginner’s material that contains comprehensive information that is written and founded on years of experience in teaching drum to learners of all ages. The book contains a compilation of books 1 and 2, an audio track that aids learners in demonstrations as they play along, and also a video teaching from the master Gregg Bissonette.

The first lesson books contain: 

  • Drum setup and fundamentals.
  •  Basic music reading. 
  •  Tunning and maintenance.
  • Basic music reading. 
  • Grips and strokes.
  • Coordination and basic styles.
  • Basic beats for many techniques of music.
  • Drum fills.
  • Dotted notes and triplets 
  • 8th and 16th notes and many more

The second lesson book contains:

  • Limb independence.
  • Half-time grooves.
  • Funk grooves.
  • Jazz drumming.
  • Syncopation.
  • Drum soloing.
  • Brush playing and many more

Main features

  • The book is published in English.
  • The book contains a dimension of 9″ x 0.32″ x 12″.
  • It weighs about 15.2 pounds (6.89 kilograms).
  • The book contains two lessons in one.
  • It contains an audio track and a video to provide more assistance for learners.
  • The book contains 128 pages. 

Why we have chosen it 

The Hail Leonard Drumset Method is a great beginner’s material that contains useful information to aid starters from the point of not knowing to a place of understanding and playing quality musical styles. The main reason we choose this book is that the book comes with two categories of teaching: the first lesson starts with the fundamentals then proceeds to advance levels in the second lesson. It also comes with an audio recording that learners use to aid them in mastering more musical styles and video ease of teaching.


Before buying this book, it is better to read the reviews. Reviews act as a perfect way for potential clients to decide whether the product suits they need by reading the reviews that other clients have left about the product. 

Looking for a good quality beginner’s book can be intimidating, but you make a sober decision that you won’t regret later by reading the reviews. 


The Best Beginner Drum Book

Production Description

If you are looking for a fun way to learn, enhance your techniques, and play along to actual music then “The Best Beginner Drum Book” is the book for you. This book aids beginners in creating a solid foundation as well as providing a clear path for beginning the journey on the drums and bypassing the frustrations that many new drummers experience. The book aids you in:-

  • Setting up your kit.
  • Guiding you on how to hold the drumsticks.
  • Learning notations.
  • Developing catchy beats and fills. 
  • Learning and mastering musical styles.

   Main features

These are the main features of the “The Best Beginner Drum Book”:-

  • The book is published in English.
  • It has a spiral bound that holds the pages.
  • It contains 210 pages.
  • It weighs about 1.96 pounds (0.89 kilograms)

Why we have chosen it

“The Best Beginner Drum Book” is a wonderful book that is written out of the experience of teaching music and in particular drums. The book contains an easy-to-read and follows English pattern that beginners need to learn and understand the complex music notations.

The book contains plenty of images used to describe every lesson; its musical notes content is also written in big enough figures and symbols that can be easily read.

The book is designed to be of great help to both beginners and experienced drummers. The price of the book is unbeatable as well as the page and the lesson: great quality.  


Reviews are great; they are a modern way of communicating your experience with any product, applauding good publishers, and criticizing harmful products and manufacturers. Reading reviews before purchasing any product online is a great way to know either the product will help you or not. 

“The Best Beginner’s Drum Book” has received a lot of positive feedback than negative ones from clients. This shows that the book meets the requirements of both trainers and learners. This has led to increased sales and viewing on online platforms.


Slammin' Simon's Beginner's Bundle: 2 books in 1!: "Guide to Mastering Your First Rock & Roll Drum Beats" AND "20 Essential Drum Rudiments"

Product Description

Slammin’ Simon’s book teaches aspiring beginners all the essential elements, grooves,s and fills that they need to know in order to master the art of drumming on time. This book is a 2 in 1 combination that is designed as a perfect adventure for beginners to start. 

In the combo, the first section involves an introduction to the great experience of Roll, Diddle, Flam, and Drag basic elements. These experiences give the drummer a solid basis for their future study and development.

The second section introduces the primary quarter, and eighth notes drumset beats required to begin performing on the Rock Music techniques. The book generally contains all the requirements for a beginner to get started in drum playing.

Main Features

These are the main features that are in the “Slammin’ Simon’s Beginner’s Bundle”:-

  • The book is published in English.
  • It contains only 88 pages of good and easy read English.
  • It weighs about 6.2 ounces (0.18 kilograms).
  • It has a dimension of 7.44″ x 0.2″ x 9.69″

Why we have chosen it

This is a quality book that is written in the best and easiest way to follow. It has beautiful illustrations that keep learners engaged and interested. The book contains lessons that are well arranged to help beginners gain motivation and comfort in playing the drums. 

The book is cheaper, contains quality papers, and has quality information that is needed for beginners.


Before buying a product, it is wise to read the product reviews to understand different experiences from different clients to know more about the product. The book has received a lot of good feedbacks that outweighs the bad, these reviews from clients have helped us confirm that this material is a good choice for beginners who want to be experts in drum playing.


Drums for Kids - The Hal Leonard Drum Method: A Beginner's Guide with Step-by-Step Instruction for Drumset (BATTERIE)

Product Description

Hal Leonard Drums for Kids is a funny, easy course book that trains children on how to play drumset at a higher rate than before. The book contains simple popular songs that are written in easy-to-read layouts ensuring the kid’s focus and motivation remain in one style at a time. The style used can be used in combination with a trainer or parent. The tracks used in the presentation can be found online for either download or streaming. These songs include:-

  • Another One Bites the Dust.
  • Crazy Train.
  • Living After Midnight.
  • Old Time Rock and Roll.
  • Stir It Up.
  • When the Levee Breaks and many others. 

Main features

These are the main features of the Hai Leonard Drums for Kids:-

  • The book is published in English.
  • It has a paperback of 32 pages.
  • It weighs about 8 0unces( 0.22 kilograms).
  • It has dimensions of 9″ x 0.15″ x 12″.
  • It has a Software Audio Online with demonstration songs

Why we have chosen it

The Hai Leonard Drums for Kids is an awesome book created with exceptional qualities and techniques to teach beginners how to play and enjoy the art of playing the drums. The book is written in a simple language that kids can easily understand and also enjoy. The book has received a lot of good feedbacks from clients; this cements our belief in it being part of the best drum book for beginners.


Reviews are a powerful mechanism that has the ability to influence clients’ decisions as well as strengthen your business credibility. Reviews or feedback from clients have the ability to gain clients’ trust; different clients buy and interact with products in a very different way, thus having different opinions from different customers about the same product. Increased customers interaction will ultimately bring more sales, hence more profit more the business.


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