Best Digital Piano For Beginners

We can all agree that acoustic pianos are very fantastic. They tend to be beautiful musical instruments with a harmonically quality sound. Notwithstanding, they also have their shortcomings. They are large instruments, loud, heavy, and they are mostly expensive. They require regular tuning and maintenance to keep them sounding better. Digital pianos, on the other hand, are smaller, cheaper, and lighter, and they are becoming a popular alternative to acoustic pianos. If you want to upgrade your piano or learn piano skills, we have a list for you of the best digital pianos for beginners. 

If you want to upgrade your piano or start piano lessons, it is good to have a piano ideal for you. For beginners, a good piano has engaging features that keep inspiring you every time, especially when the learning process gets tough. We have selected pianos that will lay a solid foundation for building your skills. We also have an additional buying advice section for better decision-making. Our digital pianos vary in price. Depending on your budget, you will know which digital piano is best for you and matches your budget. Despite some being budget digital pianos, their quality is not compromised at all.

What to consider before buying a digital piano for beginners

1. Number of keys

Keyboards are available in different sizes, with each having a different number of keys. Most common digital pianos and keyboards have 46, 61, 73, or complete 88 keys. For beginners, a piano with fewer keys will be an ideal place to start. But if you want to grow with comprehensive skills, you can start with a piano with more keys. This way, you will be able to play all keys, no matter the level of progress.

2. Weight and portability

Some digital pianos have weighted keys. These keys mimic the feel of the actual piano. Weighted keyboard pianos tend to feel a bit heavier than pianos without weighted keys. Whether you choose a piano with weighted keys or not, you will be required to move your keyboard and carry it. If you are using your piano at one station, portability might not be an issue. Still, portability is a fundamental factor to consider if you will be required to move your piano from one place to another. 

3. Cover

A keyboard cover helps in protecting your instrument from damages such as scratches, especially when commuting. If you are a student or a teacher who travels with your piano for teaching or learning respectively, you might want to protect your instrument from damage. Some digital pianos come with a cover, while others require you to buy one for your instrument separately. 

4. Music holder

When learning the piano, you will constantly need your lesson book or sheet music to be in a position where you can easily read it. Having a piano that allows you to prop your music learning essentials with a music stand, your learning can be less tiresome. Most digital pianos feature a music holder: a built-in stand. Although it is not necessary when looking for the best digital piano for beginners, we think it is really important to have one.

5. Keyboard stand

When buying your keyboard, you should consider that you need a place to support your instrument. You can opt for a stand or a table for setting on your keyboard when playing. Most beginner keyboards are available with stands, but if you find a keyboard that does not have a stand, you can easily find one at an affordable price with an X-shape design, and you will be able to kick off your learning process.  

Who should buy a budget digital piano?

Our best digital pianos for beginners are ideal for learners of any age who are interested in learning. They are less expensive when we compare them with standard pianos. Digital pianos have built-in speakers; hence they may not need an additional amplifier. They also include several piano sounds. Also, they have a lightweight design weighing only 30 pounds, meaning you can easily carry your piano from one area to another without much struggle. 

You may think that the value of these instruments stops at the entry-level, but this is not the case. Piano experts may also find these keyboards useful for connecting to a computer for easy recording or bringing to gigs. They are also excellent for quiet practising with your headphones if you live with your family. 

Despite being easy to find cheap digital pianos, some are available at high prices with better sounds and a more realistic feel. Also, they have enhanced speakers, quality design with a digital console, and they tend to be more attractive than budget ones. Expensive pianos are almost equivalent to acoustic pianos, but they do not require regular maintenance, and they’re also cheaper than acoustic pianos. Such pianos are not necessary for beginners, but they will be the most appropriate to work with once they start upgrading. 

How we picked and tested

A digital piano ought to feel and sound similar to an acoustic piano as much as possible. Using a digital piano to learn piano techniques, you should transition easily to an acoustic piano. But it is good first to train yourself with a digital piano.

Most of our digital pianos have all 88 keys, the same number of keys you will find on a traditional acoustic piano. They also have internal speakers so that you can practice without the need for an amplifier. Away from that, they have weighted keys which are either semi-weighted or hammer action. In addition, our top picks come with piano stands and are less expensive. 

Our best digital piano for beginners reviews

Casio, 88-Key Digital Pianos - Home (CDP-S150)

Product description

The Casio CDP-S150 is a great keyboard for anyone who wants to start piano lessons at home. The action of this keyboard feels the same as that of an acoustic piano. It produces quality sounds in particular. Its lightweight and small-size design make it easy to move and store away.

The action on this keyboard: which the manufacturer refers to as scaled hammer action, allows this instrument to mimic the acoustic piano’s keyboard.  The lower notes tend to be heavier compared to higher notes. The keys are made from plastic that have a texture that emulates the touch of synthetic ivory and ebony piano keys. They offer a slightly rough surface preventing them from being slippery. At first, you might struggle with the key, but with time, you will love them. 

This piano has ten sounds and an additional three grand piano sounds: standard, bright, and mellow. The keyboard has a button dedicated for initiating and stopping the record feature. The volume dial is firm, and you can move it smoothly without altering the volume. The metronome allows you to change the tempo up and down or set a certain tempo ranging from 20 to 225 bpm ( beats per minute). You will just need to hold the button and press the keys assigned zero to nine.

The duet function of the CDP-S150 allows separation of the keyboard so that a learner and trainer can be at the keyboard together.  The trainer’s side covers the same range of notes as the learner.

Main features

The following are the main features of this piano:

  • It has 88 key scaled hammer action, similar to what you would find in acoustic pianos.
  • It has a simple connectivity technology with MIDI USB.
  • It is a lightweight keyboard; hence, you can effortlessly carry it without straining it from one point to another. 
  • You can split this keyboard into two sides, allowing the learner and teacher to sit together at the keyboard, covering a similar range of notes. 

Why we have chosen it

This piano has many engaging features that are important for anyone interested in learning piano. It is meant for beginners; hence, it will be the most appropriate kind of piano for such people. The piano has many functions, including connectivity functions that allow you to use it with your other devices. You can connect your instrument to your headphones for quiet practice if you live with your family or are too close to your neighbours. Although it lacks Bluetooth connectivity, you can still use a cable to connect it with other devices: a USB type-B port.

The Casio CDP- S150 is among the slimmest keyboards you will find around at a fair price and still get a proper piano feel as well as great sounds. Another important feature of this keyboard is it creates a friendly teacher/student environment for efficient learning. It can be split into two sides, one for the student and one for the teacher, covering the same range of notes. This feature allows the learner and the teacher to play together, hence making the instruction process easy. 

Adjusting sounds of this piano is easy enough facilitated by easy to reach and access functions. It is also a lightweight instrument, meaning you can easily move it from one learning station to another. The number of keys is 88, equivalent to the number of keys you would find in a standard piano, giving you a similar feel to an acoustic one. For a more enhanced musical feel, it has 64 notes polyphony and ten built-in tones.

Read reviews

When looking for a perfect piano for beginners, you might want to get an instrument that will make it easier for you to learn. To know whether the piano you are looking for is perfect for you, read reviews. You will get to learn if the piano will make your learning process easy, short, and effective by reading what other users feel about it. 

The reviews about this product consist of mixed reactions from different users. Some are negative, while others are positive. Each review will be vital as it will help judge from what users say and not the manufacturer. With this information, you will know whether to buy this product or consider other options.

Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano with Speakers, Stand, Stool, Headphones, Microphone, Sheet Music Stand, 300 Sounds and Music Lessons

Product description

This product features a packed digital piano for beginners. It is a portable electric musical instrument with built-in speakers and 61 premium piano-style keys suitable for performing for your family and friends. Because it is suitable for beginners, away from performing with it, you can use it to train your children piano skills and techniques and improve your skills. 

It has 300 voices, including electric piano, acoustic piano, organ, synth, drums, strings, and much more. Also, the instrument has slip modes and intuitive layers, which develop and improve your keyboard skills. In addition to quality sounds, the piano has 40 demo songs in a model with 300 built-in rhythms. The piano has a built-in record feature to record your progress, and you can also easily record your performances. 

The piano comes with built-in speakers, a microphone, headphones, a piano stand, a stool and a music reset. These accompaniments reduce the hassle of looking for music essential after buying your piano. With a stool and piano stand, you will not need a table and a chair; stool and stand to offer an appropriate height between sitting position and your hands on the piano; hence you will not strain too much when practising. The headphones help you practice and perform quietly by muting the built-in speakers. 

Skoove three-month premium subscription for engaging online piano lessons is a powerful educational feature of this piano. Here, you will learn from the best pianists and experts, and by the time you complete the beginners’ level, you will have learnt a lot. This piano has everything you need for learning. Once you buy it, it is easy to assemble, and you will get a bench with three different adjustable heights. 

Main features

The main key selling points of this digital piano includes the following:

  • It is an ideal piano for beginners, with many fascinating features to help you improve your piano skills and techniques.
  • It has premium electric piano sounds with 300 voices, split modes, and an intuitive layer to develop almost all skills that you might need in a keyboard.
  • It has a headphone feature that mutes the built-in speakers for silent performing and training. 
  • The piano has a built-in recording feature for recording your performance and tracking your learning progress.
  • It has powerful education features where a learner is expected to pay a three-month subscription fee to receive interactive online piano lessons.
  • It comes with other accompaniments for more comfort, efficiency, and effectiveness, such as a stand, power adapter, headphones, a music rest, and a microphone.

Why we have chosen it

Alesis Digital Piano Keyboard is ideally meant to be used by beginners. Its features boil down to ensuring that a piano learner gets all the skills needed to perfect playing music using a piano. It even has a piano lesson package where you will need to pay a three-month subscription for online lessons. The lessons are very engaging and interactive, and you can ask any question you want from piano experts. It comes with 88 keys which gives you a similar feel to an acoustic piano; hence, you will not strain to transition from a digital piano to an acoustic one. 

As mentioned above, you will need a stand or a table to support your piano when you are practising or performing. Also, you will need a chair to sit in during the entire process. The good thing about this product is you will not need to buy a stand and a chair separately from the piano as the package comes with a stand and a stool. The stand has three adjustable heights settings, providing you with a convenient height for performing and playing your piano. Other music essentials that accompany this piano include headphones, a power adaptor, and a microphone.

The record feature allows a learner to record performances so that it is easy to track down the progress. This feature is unique as some digital pianos don’t have it. It is a feature that impressed us as you will not have to look for external recording devices when you need to record performances. If you live in a quiet neighbourhood or you have cohabitants, you may want an instrument that will help you practice quietly. With this device, you will just need to plug in your headphones: provided in the package, which mutes the built-in speaker.

Read reviews

To know if what we have said about this product is accurate, read reviews from other users. You will also determine if the product does what the manufacturer says it does. Reviews give you a different perspective about any product from different users. You can rely on reviews if you are new to know if the piano serves its purpose if you do not have anyone to consult. The Alesis digital piano has negative and positive reviews. Read all the reviews or as many as you can and analyse positive and negative reviews before settling on this product.

Donner DEP-10 88 Keys Digital Piano Keyboard Sensitive Semi Weighted, Full Size Portable Light Electric Keyboard Piano with Sustain Pedal for Beginners

Product description

Donner DEP-10 88 Keys Digital Piano Keyboard features a full-size sensitive keyboard. This piano has an 88-key semi-weighted design with different strength: four levels, which varies with the strength of your finger. The design of this piano’s body is compact, which makes it a portable instrument. This feature is suitable for stage and outdoor users. Also, if you have a small space at home, this piano will be perfect as it takes little space, even when it comes to storage. 

The gross weight of this piano is 8.6 kg; thus, you will need a little energy to move it from one station to another. To reduce damage caused when transporting the instrument, the manufacturer places a pedal and charger inside a shockproof foam on the right or left, and you will see them when you pick up the foam.

The piano is designed with 128 voice polyphony resonance and eight distinctive tones. The eight tones include bright acoustic piano, acoustic piano, choir piano, electric piano, vibrating harp, harpsichord, church organ, and string ensemble. The 128 polyphony lets you reproduce real piano sounds, and you can hardly lose the sound. 

The two powerful stereo speakers help you meet most of your needs. These speakers can be most appropriate for both stage and home performances. However, if you want to practice without disturbing others, headphones will help you mute the speakers. This piano is perfect for anyone looking to start piano lessons. The package includes a metal sustain pedal. Semi-weighted keys provide a similar feel to a real piano, making it suitable for beginners who transition to a grand piano. The lightweight design gives beginners a great balance of tactile and is easy to move from one place to another.

Main features

Below are the main features of this product:

  • The piano has full-sized 88 semi-weighted keyboards which make it an ideal instrument for beginners. Also, this design offers a more sensitive touch suitable for playing in different styles. In addition, they give a similar feel to that of a grand piano.
  • It is a compact and portable instrument. With your little space, you can use this piano and store it because of its compact design. Transporting it is much easier due to its lightweight design.
  • It has eight excellent notes and 128 polyphony which gives a wide range of sounds applied on different occasions.
  • The two powerful speakers make this piano appropriate for home and stage performance. 

Why we have chosen it

When we were searching for the best piano for beginners, the quality of tone produced by a piano was among our priorities. We found a piano with an outstanding tone quality in this product. It features 128 polyphony and eight premium tones. The semi-weighted hammer keys offer a more enhanced sensitive touch when you’re playing. 

The eight tones of this digital piano are a complete deal, consisting of different sounds for different occasions and different music genres. The 88 keys restore a traditional piano’s touch, and it offers you an appropriate playing posture and helps you grasp different playing skills. The DEP- 10 weighted hammer action offers you a heavier touch in the lower end and a lighter one in the higher end, making your music experience more enjoyable. 

Another feature that is outstanding in this piano is its connectivity. It has a standard USB MIDI port which allows it to connect to any Mac, iOS, PC, and Android devices. Also, you can connect it to external speakers for more enhanced sounds. 

It has two built-in speakers for a richer and more enhanced musical experience of practice. Also, it is designed with an MP3 player, which helps in meeting your various musical demands. In addition, it has an “effect” control feature for adjusting and controlling trill suspension/effect/DSP effect. Moreover, you can record your performances with the piano’s recording mode and use it to arrange and store music. 

Read reviews

This product has so many great reviews. At the same time, some reviews are critical. This way, you can easily scrutinise this piano by looking at the good things people are saying about it while comparing it with its shortcomings. With this information, you will be able to draw a line between the product pros and cons to determine if the piano will meet your needs or not.

 When reading reviews, be as neutral as you can to make a better judgment. Accept that the piano can not be effective or efficient for all; it may work for some and not work for others. Reviews will give you a nutshell of what to expect even before buying this product. Read as many as you can to make a better decision. 

YAMAHA PSR-F51 Electronic Keyboard - Portable Beginners Instrument with 61 Full Sized Keys, in Black

Product description

The PSR-F51 is a compact, simple, and portable digital piano built-in control panel, basic keyboard features, and full-size keys. It is suitable for beginners: both adults and kids. Learning with this keyboard is easy thanks to its digital display and colour-coded control panel. PSR-F51 is simple to operate. You will just need to select the Keyboard’s voice and rhythm, and you will be good to go. 

This keyboard features 61 full-sized keys, 120 voices,114 styles, and a dual voice option that combines two instruments to create an outstanding sound and produce new sounds as you learn. The PSR-F51 is equipped with various functions to help your playing easier and more interesting. It has user-friendly buttons, a practical integrated music stand, and a metronome for more efficient and enjoyable playing.

Main features

Below are the key elements that make this product unique on the market:

  • It comes with an AC adaptor, owner manual, music rest, and headphone output connector. All these music essentials are critical for learning.
  • Yamaha is a well-established brand; hence you are assured of a high-quality keyboard.
  • The duo mode enables two users to play together, making it appropriate for student-learner sessions.
  • It has 61 keys, 120 voices, and 114 styles, which makes a lot of skills 
  • You can connect it with your headphones for silent practice.

Why we have chosen it

When it comes to your first piano experience, PSR-F51 is here to make your journey more interesting. It is equipped with numerous engaging functions to make learning easy and interesting. Also, PSR-F51 is student-learner friendly as it can be separated into two or played by two people; that is why it is a perfect keyboard for beginners.

For more improved sounds, the keyboard has 61 keys, 114 accompaniment styles, and 120 voices. Varieties of sound enhancements improve your skills as you can perform on various occasions. The 2.5 + 2.5-watt amplifier combination ensures the instrument produces great and realistic sounds in any environment.

Read reviews

Before you buy a product online, you need to get as much information about it as possible. This helps you to determine if it will meet your needs or not. PSR-F51 has a lot of reviews, both critical and positive. Analyse them carefully to make an informed decision before clicking the “BUY” button.

The above products are appropriate for anyone who wants to start a musical journey. We have offered you the best digital piano to make your learning easy and effective. All our top picks are teacher-learner friendly and more engaging for faster grasping of skills.

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