Best Drum Sets For Kids

Any object that produces a musical sound is referred to as a musical instrument. The drum kit, also known as “the drums,” is a collection of percussion instruments designed to be played by one person.

The essential drum kit is made up of various other percussion instruments, but the main focus is on large and small drums giving unique tonal qualities to each other when used in a performance.

There was a time when music was thought to be only for adults, but with the modifying traditions of the world, this conception has long since vanished. Both parents and teachers can now take a broad approach to music.

Why should you get a drum set for your kid?

Because a drum set is a musical tool and a way of enhancing creativity, we always recommend letting children experiment with the instrument. There are numerous drum sets for children on the market, so selecting the best one for your child can be difficult.

If factors are carefully considered, the possibilities are that you will end up purchasing one of the best junior drum sets, which will help your kid benefit and learn the art of playing drums in a very short period. The market is now flooded with junior drum sets aimed at children aged 3 to 10. Despite being smaller, they usually include all of the essential parts found in full-size drum sets.

Before purchasing a drum set for your kid, you should consider several factors, including your child’s age, the number of pieces in the drum kit, drumsticks, and the height of the drum. You may also want to consider purchasing separate high-quality drumheads. Either way, you’ll need our list to make a well-thought decision.

What to look for in a Kid’s Drum Kit

Even though there is no’s standard practice configuration for drum kits, drum kits typically consist of a five-piece set that includes two tom-toms, a floor tom, a bass drum, and a snare drum. The floor tom is a tom-tom that sits on the floor and has a stand or legs.

The bass drum produces a low sound and is played by stepping on a pedal with the foot. The snare drum is a superficial drum that firmly communicates a drummer’s style. The basic cymbals are the large ride cymbal, the crash cymbal (used for tones), and the hi-hat. It has two stacked cymbals with which you can control the degree of isolation to lengthen or shorten the sound of the cymbals.

The drums are often set in front of the drummer from left to right, with the drum with the highest tone to the drum with the lowest tone. Because the drum’s tone decreases as the diameter is relatively large, the drums grow in size from left to right. The size, thickness, and tapering of the cymbals will affect their tone.

Make sure to test out any kid’s drum kit before purchasing to ensure that reach and size aren’t an issue. Unless your child is five or younger, avoid kits sold in toy stores. These may appear to be real drum kits, but the drums are probably plastic and little more than toys.

The cost of a drum set is determined by its quality, as is the case with most other items. To pick the ideal drum brands for your child, it’s always a good idea to research the brand’s reputation and look for reviews of the given item you’re interested in.

There will most likely be more than one option at each price point, so you need to choose something with a solid reputation and one that your child will find fun.

Drum sets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Introductory sets for kids, expert sets, and everything in between are available. Drum kits for kids are also available in a variety of materials. The majority of regular drum sets you see on TV are constructed of wood.

However, they can also be composed of plastics and metal, known as an ‘acoustic’ drum set. Know some of the fundamentals of drum sets before focusing on children’s drum sets. The more you know about the terms and features available, the better judgment you’ll be able to make.

With all of these variables at work, it’s best to avoid shopping for a specific type of wood. Instead, the drums should be based more on how they sound.


Electronic drum sets are typically much smaller than acoustic drum sets and offer a variety of advantages. Because the sound levels produced by an electronic drum set are significantly lower than those produced by an acoustic drum set, they are a common pick among many consumers for their kids. Electronic drum kits are great for use as a practice tool in environments where noise levels are restricted.


When we look at a conventional acoustic drum set, we can see that the instrument comprises several different parts. Acoustic drum sets are the most prevalent, but they might be one-of-a-kind in terms of what they have to offer.

Why choose an electronic drum set over an acoustic one?

When you hit a rubber pad on an electric drum kit, it transmits the sound to both an amplifier and a headphone. As a result, they can reduce or completely eradicate the volume of the drums. Electronic drums are a great solution for kids or young learners and parents who think noise levels are an issue.

Some of the more typical components of a classic acoustic drum kit are:

Bass Drum

The ‘bass drum’ is the largest drum on a kid’s drum set. This is typically between 16 and 22 inches in diameter. This drum is performed by using a bass drum pedal. Bass drum pedals are created to be played with your foot, and when you press down on the pedalboard, a beater strikes the drum. Bass drum pedals are classified into two types: single and double. It is suggested that toddlers and beginners begin with a single pedal.

Snare Drum

On most kids’ drum sets, the snare drum is the most frequently played drum. It is frequently placed right in front of the player so that they may reach it easily. The sound of the snare drum is distinct. When you hear a march, you think of this sound. There is normally a snare strainer on the bottom of the drum that sits just on the resonant head. The sound of the drum is altered by the filter, which makes it sound more like a marching snare drum.


The toms come after the bass drum and snare. Three toms are included in a five-piece drum set. The Rack Tom refers to two of these toms that are usually affixed to the bass drum. The third is commonly referred to as a floor tom. A floor tom may usually be identified because it is one of the larger toms and has three supporting legs.


A set of cymbals is also required for every drum set. Any professional drum set, and kid’s drum set should have at least three cymbals- but there are no restrictions. However, most drum set for children under the age of 16 do not include many cymbals.

Care for drum kits

Drum kits are easy to handle and clean for your kids. You can teach your children how to take proper care of your drum sets to keep them for a long time. Covered finishes are more durable than natural finishes and withstand scratches and nicks better. Transparent lacquer finishes bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Drum maintenance is not difficult. Basically, after each use, wipe it down. Wipe off the set as much as possible if the hardware gets rusty or sections with screws cease moving properly. Piano Unicorn is a remarkably versatile piano polish that you can use to clean fittings, shells, and cymbals.

Some argue, however, that over-polishing the cymbals would destroy their tone. The amount of polishing required is determined by balancing the cymbal’s tone with its appearance.

How to choose a drum set 

Set up a musical kit that will allow your child to think they’re on a festival stage or in a band with their pals. It is important to get children well-made, age-appropriate toys.

It can be challenging to choose a drum kit for your youngster. And chances are, you’re not a drummer and have never given a second thought to hoops, loops, or shell sizes. It’s easy to spend hours researching only to discover that you don’t know what age-appropriate junior drum kit to get.

One word of caution: if you’re worried about the noise your youngster will make with a drum kit, don’t get one. There is a question of whether your child can reach the bass drum pedal and the cymbal (the drum set’s highest and lowest places) while sitting on the drum chair. Drum kits are appropriate for kids if they are between the heights of 2 and a half feet or 5 feet.

Purchase a functional drum set for your youngster. If your child’s drum set is missing several elements, they will be unable to internalize many key drumming motions. In effect, your child would miss out on the opportunity to learn the proper motions through play from the start. The following drum sets provide all the opportunities because they are set up with a standard adult drum set. So, which model is the best drum kit for kids?

Here are our top picks for the best drum kids for kids

Eastar Junior Drum Kit 3 Piece, Drum Set with Snare,Tom,Bass Drum,Bass Drum Pedal,Throne,Cymbal and Drumsticks-14 Inch(Metallic Purple)
When it comes to making inexpensive drums and drum shells, Easter is a well-known brand. They produce high-quality and reasonably priced drum sets for beginners and budget performers.

The Easter 3-Piece Kids Drum Set is higher than many younger models, but it’s still reasonably priced. This juvenile drum kit includes a bass drum with pedal, a snare drum with its stand, and a hanging tom. You also get a cymbal, a foldable drum seat, and wooden drumsticks. These drums are made of poplar and have high-quality drum skins for a vibrant, appealing sound. Rest assured that with Easter, a one-year warranty almost always comes included.


  • Snare stands with adjustable height
  •  Drum throne with adjustable height and folding design
  •  Real wood drum bodies are among the high-quality components.
  •  It’s available in three different hues.


  • Heads are notoriously difficult to get to sound decent right out of the box.
  • Upgrades to cymbals are needed.
Childrens Drum Kit 5-Piece Set for Kids with Snare, Toms, 16" Bass Drum, Bass Drum Pedal, Hi-Hat and Crash Cymbals, Throne and Sticks - Red - TIGER JDS14-RD
The Tiger JDS14 5 Piece Junior Drum Kit is a smaller version of a full-size drum set that fits comfortably in your home. This drum kit is designed specifically for your junior drummer who wants to begin their journey to stardom. It is recommended for children aged 3 to 10 years old.

This kid’s drum set comes in a variety of colours. It features heavy-duty chrome hardware, wooden drums, and realistic drumheads, giving you everything you’d expect from a complete drum kit in a smaller but more largely benefit.

Moving in the same direction as the popular Tiger JDS7 3 Piece Set, this drum kit has everything your little drummer needs to get started playing right away, including a 16″ bass drum, snare, two tom drums, stool, heavy-duty hardware, and a drum key.

This small kit is a popular choice among parents as a birthday or Christmas present. Across the United Kingdom, schools can also adopt these kits for their music classes.

However, due to small parts and entrapment potential, it is not recommended for children under three. Because it comes from a well-known brand recognized for its full-sized professional drum kits, several reviewers held this kit to a higher level than they would with other compact drum sets.

However, some say that the factory-installed heads and cymbals do not sound as well as they would have liked and immediately replaced them.

You will appreciate the hardware’s quality, as well as the shells’ construction. This drum set is sufficient for kids to use and enjoy as a piece of portable rehearsal equipment. It has some added features typically not found in low-cost drum sets, such as memory locks for the cymbal arm, thread lubricant for the lugs, and a rubber protective cushion for the kick pedal’s attachment to the kick drum.


  • Everything you need for a complete drum kit is included in one box
  • All you need to do is simply unpack, set up, and play
  • Thread lubricant for the lugs
  • Memory locks for the cymbal arm


  • Due to small parts and entrapment potential, it is not recommended for children under three.
TIGER JDS7-RD Junior Kids Drum Kit - 3-Piece Beginners Childrens Drum Set with Snare, Tom, Bass Drum, Bass Drum Pedal, Cymbal, Throne and Sticks - Red
Tiger’s 3 Piece Junior Drum Kit is an excellent step in the direction of drumming for your little drummer to see them through the early stages of their musical career. This drum kit is straightforward to set up and is meant to help your child grasp rhythm and the fundamentals of drumming by providing a joyful playing experience.

This set includes a bass drum, groove, tom, and 8″ cymbal, as well as a percussion pedal, adjustable stool, and a pair of drumsticks, all of which are of the same high quality as our full-size kits.

Tiger’s Junior Drum Kit is built to survive even the most intense drumming sessions, giving your young drummer the flexibility to play with volume and control as they gain confidence. When in use, the bass drum’s two rubber feet aid to provide a high level of stability and avoid damage to floor surfaces.


  • There are three colours to choose from: red, blue, or black.
  • Two rubber feet aid to provide a high level of stability
  • Meant to help your child grasp rhythm


  • Not suitable for kids under the age of three
Donner Drum Practice Pad with Snare Drum Stand Kit, Including double-Sided 12 Inch Drum Pad, Drumsticks, Adjustable Stand Fits 10''-14'' Dia Drums
For drummers who want to learn how to play the drums. This drum kit has been reduced down to fit the needs of small children. It’s simple to learn and play, and it’s a terrific method to improve coordination and confidence. The Gear4music Children’s Drum Kit is a fun, robust, and useful gift for rock stars aged 3-6.

The drums can aid coordination, enhance natural rhythm, and spark an interest in music in the future. The Children’s Drum Kit comes with everything you’ll need to learn the fundamentals of drumming. It includes a kick drum, snare drum, tom drum, and an 8″ cymbal with stand, closely resembling a typical drum kit. Designed to be a playable instrument rather than a toy, it aids in the development of solid technique in young drummers and makes the transition to larger drums easier as they mature.

The spacing and size of this set are just right for pleasant play. It comes with all of the required accoutrements, including a kick drum pedal and drumsticks, as well as a height-adjustable drum stool to accommodate kids of various sizes.


  • Develops early musical abilities and confidence
  • Comfortable playing with a height-adjustable stool Snare, tom, bass drum, and cymbal are all included.
  • The ideal size for drummers aged 3-6 years old.


  • Not many colour choices to choose from
Eastar Drum Set 16 inch 3-Piece, Junior Drum Set Kit with Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks, Mirror Black (EDS-285B)
This kit is specifically designed for parents who are still debating whether or not their children should continue playing the drums as they get older. It is reasonably priced, and the sound quality is excellent.

The Eastar 16-inch 5-piece Junior Drum Set includes a 2-piece hi-hat and crash cymbal kit and a full 5-piece junior size drum set. This set outperforms the Eastar 16-inch 3 Piece Kids Drum Set by including a proper tom mount bracket that can hold two rack tom drums.

It also includes a floor tom, which, when combined with the other components in the kit, creates a complete 5-piece drum set. Except for the ride cymbal, this is the typical kit used in music schools.

Due to the nature of drum sets’ expandability, a full 5-piece junior-sized drum set is an excellent choice for parents, especially for parents who want to teach their children to play the drums for a long period. The conventional drum kit ensemble is completed with the addition of a ride cymbal and an extra cymbal stand.

You can adjust the rack toms on this EastarJunior Drum Set at different angles. This allows the drum to accommodate drummers of various heights, making it a must-have feature for a child’s drum set.

The Eastar 16-inch 5-piece Junior Drum Set’s only missing element is an extra cymbal and cymbal stands. However, the nature of this drum set is that you can expand it. Thus, having this Eastar Junior Drum Set and adding another cymbal is a fantastic decision for young drummers.


  • Cymbal, Stand, and Drumsticks are all included in the package.
  • Drum Throne comes with a 6-lug structure that is both comfortable and adjustable
  • You can adjust the rack toms
  • Price is also reasonable
  • Ages 3 to 5 are appropriate.


  • The drum set is made of low-cost materials, so to improve the quality of the toms, you may need to replace them.
  • Only one colour is available: Blue Mirror
GYMAX Junior Drum Set, 5 Piece Kids Drum Kit with Stool, Sticks and Drum Pedal, Beginner Rock Drum Set for Children (Blue)
Start your child jazzman’s dream with this drum set for kids. This drumming instrument set is made using high-quality materials. This GYMAX Junior Drum Set is made using high-quality materials. The drums you get with this model have 9-layer hardwood shells with superior drum skin for a lovely drumbeat.

This drum set features everything you need to inspire your young drummer, including two toms, a floor, a bass, a snare, a hi-hat, and a cymbal. The cymbal, which is made of stainless steel, produces a sharp, clear sound. The instruments are securely held in place by the sturdy electroplated drum lungs and stands.

With this GYMAX Junior Drum Set, you get two hardwood drumsticks, a bass pedal, and a height-adjustable seat included in this kit. This kit’s tone and overall quality are excellent. Of all, no one can expect miracles, but the snare and toms have nothing to complain about. On the other hand, the cymbals and hi-hats aren’t terrific, but that’s a problem with most juvenile drums.


  • To prevent corrosion and wear, the frame has been electroplated.
  • The appearance and polish are one to brag about
  • Excellent for home training and demonstrations.


  • The cymbals and hi-hats aren’t terrific
Childrens Drum Kit 5-Piece Set for Kids with Snare, Toms, 16" Bass Drum, Bass Drum Pedal, Hi-Hat and Crash Cymbals, Throne and Sticks - Pink - TIGER JDS14-PK
Suitable for children aged 3 to 7. This Junior Drum pack is excellent entertainment and model for users who are kids. It is a fantastic value for money and the perfect gift for any aspiring child drummer.

Studying to operate the drums can be fun for kids, and this starter bundle will give them a great start. Unlike most other 3-piece children’s drum kits, the 3-piece JDS7 junior drum kit is developed and constructed to impeccable high standards, is built to persist with a beautiful sound, and includes everything your child would possibly want to get started with drumming.

This set includes a bass drum, snare drum, tom drum, and crash cymbal, as well as all necessary hardware such as heavy-duty cymbal and drum mounts, a drum stool, and so much more!

The drum set is reasonably priced. This is a 5-piece drum kit, which includes everything you need to get started, including drumsticks and a floor-level drum throne. The JDS7 is an excellent starter set for kids and a great method to teach them basic rhythms and timing. Silencer pads come with so that the musician can play the drums late at night without disturbing their neighbours!


  • Silencer pads are included
  • Developed and constructed to impeccable high standards
  • Excellent starter set for kids


  • To improve the quality of the toms, you will need to replace them
Mirage JDK 5 Piece Junior Drum Kit With Stool and Sticks - Black
It is a big advantage to start as young as possible on this highly gratifying journey into music. This fantastic kid kit was created specifically for this purpose.

The Mirage Junior Drum Kit is a five-piece junior drum kit smaller than a full-size five-shell kit. You can be confident that your young aspiring drummer will have everything they need to begin on their tub-thumping quest to drumming greatness right out of the box.

Setting up this kit is simple thanks to the easy-to-assemble design, even for those who have never seen a drum kit before. You can be up and running in minutes after you get the Mirage JDK Junior home. The Mirage JDK has a hardwood snare drum with a stand, two Toms (8″, 10″, and 12″), a 10″ crash cymbal, and eight 8″ Hi-Hats.

This provides the player with all of the necessary core drums and cymbals to begin full practice, as this setup is comparable to that used by professional drummers. In addition, a seat, sticks, and a drum key are included!

There’s no need to buy accessories or add-ons that will increase the expense and postpone the pleasure; the Mirage JDK Junior Drum Kit is truly just one experience away from getting started. Beginner drummers will love it, and it’s also a terrific deal!

You may not be happy with the sound and build quality of the included cymbals, which is a common gripe with budget drum sets. They should be good enough to start, but we recommend replacing them once you or your little one is further along in their drumming journey.


  • Very simple to put together.
  • Blue 5-piece basic drum kit Excellent pick for motivating new drummers.
  • Beginners aged 4 to 8 are recommended.
  • Snare drum made of wood with a stand Shells with four lugs gives stability and power.
  • It includes a kick drum pedal and a hi-hat stand.


  • You may not be happy with the sound and build quality of the included cymbals.

Frequently asked questions

What is the rundown of things to keep in mind when purchasing a drum kit for a kid?

It’s important to choose the appropriate size of drums and cymbals, as well as a drum throne and sticks. Will you enrol them in a formal music program or teach them to play the drums at home? This can also have an impact on what you require. If you’re thinking about enrolling your child in more official drum training with an institution or teacher, it’s a good idea to obtain advice from them to make sure they have a drum set that will benefit them with their studies.

What is the optimal number of pieces?

A 5-piece kit is preferable since it will provide a better foundation in drumming methods if the child is serious about drumming. However, if space is restricted, a 3-piece kit will occupy less space both when built up and when packed for transit to play with others. A 4-piece kit would be a reasonable compromise between space constraints and the ability to play a “full” drum set.

When you buy a junior drum set, these are usually taken into account, but they aren’t always, and it’s frustrating to receive your kit without them. It’s vital to remember that sticks break and wear out with time, so you should always have a backup set on hand.

Any particular age to buy a junior drum kit?

Because it depends partly on their height, there is no exact answer, but the ones on our list are best suited for youngsters ages 3 to 10.


Before you go shopping for your child’s new drum set, figure out how much you want to spend. These juvenile drum kits are available in various price ranges, but the beauty of them is that they offer a lot of wonderful value; you can get a high-quality set for a very low price.

Youngster, you might want to go with a less expensive package because there’s always the chance that your child won’t want to play the drums as they grow up. Do your homework and figure out what financial range is best for you and your child’s degree of enthusiasm and dedication to learn the drums.

When buying for youngsters, a junior drum set is a cost-effective option. These specifically scaled drum sets are intended for animals and come with everything a budding drummer needs to get started.

Unlike those found at toy stores, these junior drum kits are well-made and have the sound and feel of full-sized drums. It would help if you had a fair notion of what to look for in a new acoustic or electronic drum set by now.

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