Best Small Drum Sets – Portable & Compact!

Compact drum kits have grown in popularity in recent years, and despite their small size, these mini drum kits aren’t just for kids. Small, agile setups pertaining to drum sets that you can transport quickly and easily have grown in favour due to modern gigging venues with smaller stages and accommodation with limited space.

Common basic kit sizes are 22″ or 20″ bass drum and 12″ and 16″ toms. ‘ The bass drum is often reduced to 18″ in Bop’ sets, although the toms are often 12″ and 14″. So, for this round-up, we’re focusing on kits with bass drums that are 16″ in diameter or smaller. However, it’s not just about the bass drum since the toms are frequently shrunk to keep a constant voice across the kit. We’ve saved you the trouble of research and put together the greatest compact drum kits for you.

What is a small drum set?

A compact drum kit is a small, portable drumming gear that drummers may take with them wherever they wish to play. These are quite portable and can be stored in nylon bags. Drummers who are always on the road or frequently switch between rehearsal and performance venues will appreciate these. A piece of small, portable drum equipment is also a vital addition to any band.

If you’re a student, then you should look for a durable, reasonably priced drum kit that will endure at least the first few seasons of your drumming career. Then, when your skills improve, you can figure out what you want to make of your newly found talents and whether or not you need a drum set for gigging, recording, or both.

Top picks: Best small drum sets:

Transporting, assembling, and dismantling a large drum set may be a real pain. You might begin to question why you didn’t pick up the bass guitar instead!

The compact drum sets in this article are perfect for all levels of musicians who need a portable choice for their drums but don’t want to use a Cajon or an electronic drum pad! Even if you have superb portable gear, it should still serve the purpose of your playing. The only thing you should give up is your size. This implies that a pleasant portable kit will sound great, look great, and entice you enough to want to play it.

There are portable kits available in various sizes and configurations. The idea is to find one that will work for you, whether you’re performing or recording.

These drum kits are a wonderful value for money for those infrequent outdoor gigs in small or medium spaces. Outstanding performance is made possible by the complete variety of powerful tones. Despite their small size, they respond very well to both low and high tunings. Even though it comprises four separate components, this drum kit fits effortlessly into a Gator gig bag. On the other hand, the bag is not part of the kit and must be purchased separately.

Best Small Drum Sets – Our Choices

Ludwig Breakbeats By Questlove 4-Piece Shell Pack with Snare Drum - Black Gold Sparkle
If you’re looking for a low-cost drum kit, Questlove’s Ludwig Breakbeats should be your first choice. It is made up of four shell drums in a black and gold colour scheme.

This drum kit features a high-quality tone and a wide range of tonal options. While hardcore drummers prefer this set, even inexperienced drummers will find it highly useful and satisfying. These drums are great for small private events and practice sessions. Its portability is also commendable, as it takes up less room.

The pricing of this drum set is truly unbeatable. It’s not only cheap, but it’s also dependable when it comes to providing a terrific drumming experience. Try Breakbeats if you’re a beginner drummer or need a cheap and simple drum set.


  • They are available at the most reasonable prices
  • Best sound quality
  • Provides a terrific drumming experience
  • Cheaper option


  • Due to the portability, sometimes it is not visually impressive when playing
Tama Club Jam Flyer Kit 4 Piece Shell Pack, Candy Apple Mist
Experts and beginners alike have relied on the Tama Club brand for high-quality drum sets time and time again. Tama’s ‘club’ series is becoming incredibly common for portable, compact drums that give stage-ready intonation without sacrificing sound quality.

Even though this shell pack is new to the market, it is unquestionably comparable to high-end drumming kits. Although it is the tiniest drum kit on the list, the exceptional acoustic quality of the drums will astound you. This shell pack will provide good flexibility and functionality for your small gigs or home practices sessions.

This drum kit is a wonderful value for money for those infrequent outdoor gigs in small or medium spaces. The overall tone and power of the drum set are amazing and unexpected. Outstanding performance is made possible by the complete variety of powerful tones. Despite their small size, they respond very well to both low and high tunings.

Even though it comprises four separate components, this drum kit fits effortlessly into a Gator gig bag. On the other hand, the bag is not part of the kit and must be purchased separately.Tama Jam Flyer is simple to tune and produces terrific sound. These tiny drums have a beautiful resonance and can sing. This tiny kit’s pristine shells and excellent hardware make it an excellent choice for touring.


  • Significantly cheaper and fewer elements to fret about
  • Does not occupy a lot of space.
  • This shell pack will provide good flexibility and functionality for your small gigs
  • Competitive overall tone and power of the drum sets


  • Requires external amplification if used for playing
  • Has limited positioning options.


Pearl Midtown MDT764P/C701 4 Piece Drum Shell Pack, Black Gold Sparkle
Pearl has traditionally been a reliable brand for drummers of all budgets, and Midtown extends that reputation to the compact drum set market. The shells are constructed of poplar, which was (and still is) commonly used as the middle ply in Ludwig and Gretsch’s classic/vintage drums.

Poplar is noted for its acoustic properties and lightweight, which helps with efficiency in a tiny setup like this. Midtown kits come with a 13″x5.5″ snare, which means you lose an inch in diameter but gain half an inch in-depth, which could help you recoup some of the snare’s body sound.

Check out the Pearl Midtown if you’re searching for a compact set that grooves and swings right out of the box. This 4-piece shell pack fits into even the tiniest area of a stage or practice room, delivering hard-hitting beats without taking up too much room.

The Pearl Midtown is crafted of vibrant 6-ply poplar and sounds surprisingly enormous for its size. A drum riser is provided, which raises your bass drum off the ground for a fuller tone and improved pedal compatibility. With Pearl Midtown drums, you can now have a full drum sound on the go.


  • Elevates confidence and best performance ability in the player.
  • crafted of vibrant 6-ply poplar and sounds surprisingly enormous for its size
  • Foldable design
  • Helps you recoup some of the snare’s body sound


  • Premium price tag, but still offers great value
Sonor AQ2 Safari 4-Piece Shell Pack with Snare - Aqua Silver Burst
In the drum sector, the German brand Sonor is well-known. Sonor AQ2 Safari is a standout in many aspects since it is known for producing high-quality drums. The color scheme of the kit is stunning, and the exceptional craftsmanship speaks for itself. The drum shells comprise seven plies of solid maple, resulting in a rich, concentrated tone and professional musicality.

Sonor’s Jungle kits established the standard for many micro/compact installations in the 1990s. The Jungle’s success became something of a catch-all eponym for kits of this size, aiming straight at the emerging tendency for drummers seeking to mimic the higher-pitched sampled sounds prevalent in drum’n’bass and hip-hop.

However, in 2020, the configuration will be known as ‘Safari’ and will be available as part of Sonor’s AQ2 series. The AQ2 Safari combines workhorse quality with mobility and a low price point to create a kit that can handle any situation. Sonor’s SmartMount suspension system for the maple bass drum hoops, rack tom, and a dual tom/cymbal arm holder are all features of this all-maple shell.

Sonor doesn’t stop there; one of our favourite features of the Safari is that it comes in all five AQ2 finishes. This means you can quickly expand the kit by adding more drums or make a modular kit out of an existing regular-size AQ2 by adding a small bass drum, for example. It’s one of the most reliable options available. The advantages of this kit include excellent price/quality ratio, easily transportable, and retro hardware is included in the package.


  • Sound and quality that is authentic
  • It’s simple to set up and take down.
  • One of the most reliable options available
  • Comes in all five AQ2 finishes


  • Construction materials aren’t always up to par.
Music Alley Junior Drum Kit for Kids with Kick Drum Pedal, Drum Stool & Drum Sticks - Blue
This three-piece kid’s drum set is a scaled-down, perfectly functional drum kit with everything you’d expect from an adult drum kit that’s designed for children ages 3 to 8. This is not a toy but a real instrument.

This drum set for youngsters is made of wood, metal, and tuneable skins and includes everything you’d find on an adult drum kit. This beginner drum set includes a 14-inch bass drum controlled by the bass pedal in the package and has lugs to keep the drum set upright and stable.

This bundle also includes a padded drum throne that you can modify to accommodate various playing techniques and guarantee that kids can play safely for hours.

This drum kit for kids comes with drumsticks, ensuring you have everything you need to start playing in one convenient package.


  • It takes up little room and maybe tucked into tight spaces.
  • Inexpensive
  • While on tour, this bag is ideal for travelling and carrying around.


  • Larger drum sets are more aesthetically appealing to play during performances.
  • The volume and snarl of larger drums are unrivalled.

Choosing the best compact drum kit for you:

When it comes to choosing the best small drum kit for you, the possibilities are comparable to those of a full-size kit, with the exception that you’ll have less to consider. Shell material will most likely be lighter basswood or poplar at the cheaper end while stepping up in price will get you more familiar maple plies or a blend of tonewoods. The shell pack configurations are very uniform in diameter, with 16″, 10″, and 13″ representing most of the shell pack permutations, with differences in depth providing a little shift in attack/sustain.


It’s worth mentioning that, while little drums have a lower volume, they’re nonetheless designed to be played in a live setting. They save space but are far from being “silent kits.” Try hitting a 16″ floor tom or a 10″ tom at full pelt if you’re not convinced. That’s how loud these drums can get!

Drumsticks for beginners to professionals

Some mini-kits use vintage-style direct-mount tom holders, while others use modern suspension mounts for a potentially higher resonance boost. On the other hand, the riser is one of the most crucial aspects of this type of equipment. This small piece of hardware not only raises the bass drum to ensure that your bass drum pedal beater strikes the drum’s centre but also keeps it in place. A shaky riser that’s difficult to install/remove may diminish stability and lengthen your setup/pack downtime.

Price and Quality:

The cost of a drum set is determined by its quality, as it is with other things. The cheapest all-in-one sets come with a few cautionary notes.

The shells will be serviceable, but the cymbals and hardware will most likely be flimsy and need to be replaced soon if the kit is used frequently. However, if you’re seeking a combination of toy and instrument, this could be the appropriate pick.

Bundled hardware:

Bundled hardware and cymbal kits are also available, which are typically less expensive than purchasing individual pieces. If you’re purchasing hardware online, pay great attention to the photographs and descriptions of the hardware and avoid anything “one-ply.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Tama flyer worth buying?

The Tama Club Jam Flyer is possibly the tiniest drum kit on the market that isn’t a toy. With such a small drum kit at your disposal, you might develop some unique playing ideas and opportunities.

Is Sonor AQ2 Safari 4-piece shell pack kit powerful enough to be used in a full band context? Is it worth getting to use as a travel drum kit?

There aren’t many drum kits on the market with 14″ bass drums. While that may seem insignificant, it gives the Sonor AQ2 Safari 4-piece shell pack a distinct voice. Sonor has raised the bar in the compact kit game by creating a little kit that creates larger-than-life sounds. You’re looking at a kit that’s incredibly inexpensive and capable of handling most pub, club, and restaurant gigs. Everything can be stuffed into one bag and carried over your shoulder.

Final verdict:

To summarise, the tiny drum sets listed above are all good choices for playing at live events when you don’t want to bring a full-sized kit with you. And they are worth investing in because they boost your confidence and help you ace your performances anytime and anywhere.

It’s natural to be perplexed while choosing the best drum kit because there are so many models and brand names to choose from; this is why we’ve banded together to help you choose the best small drum set by presenting you with a selection of decent kits that we’ve independently approved. Show your drummer some love with these fantastic drummer presents.

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