Best Acoustic Guitars for Kids

As a kid, being gifted a guitar can be a life-changing experience. While speaking from experience, the first guitar you acquire changes everything in how you understand and view music. It is a start of a musical journey. An acoustic guitar is a fretted musical instrument in the string family that produces sound through vibrating strings over the guitar’s body containing a hollow chamber. The vibration is carried through the air and does not need an electric amplification.

Acoustic guitars are suitable for kids as they begin their musical journey. They are easy to play and are much more affordable than electric guitars. The other good thing about acoustic guitars is that they are portable and immediate. An electric guitar is a fantastic thing, but it can not be effective without an electric amplifier. The ability to carry your acoustic guitar around can have a lot of influence on you as you can practice new chords anywhere, anytime.

As your kids grow and add to their skills base and build on their capabilities, it is not just the musical prospect that opens up. There are other benefits that your kids enjoy, like the joy of being in a musical band with friends or playing the guitar for your family. Other benefits are involved, like having the discipline to train and chase your next level.

Type of Acoustic Guitars for Kids

Despite acoustic guitars being regarded as the best for kids, some considerations should be made before purchasing an acoustic guitar for your kid. When buying an acoustic guitar for kids, it is good to consider the type of string you need for your kid. Let’s look at the different string types for kids:- 

Classical Acoustic Guitar

We begin with the most popular type of acoustic guitar for kids, the classical acoustic guitar. This type of acoustic guitar is characterised by having nylon strings, larger and smooth neck. Nylon strings are crucial facts in kid’s guitars; kids are more comfortable when using these strings than when using steel strings since they do not hurt. Kids are susceptible to pain and may dislike the art of playing acoustic guitars due to such experiences. This is why parents are advised to buy classical acoustic guitars for their kids.  


Steel-string guitars are acoustic guitars that contain strings made of steel. If you have never interacted with guitars, it might be hard for you to recognise if an acoustic guitar is made of nylon strings or steel strings. This is because both strings have much closer similarities and very few differences. The main difference between the steel-string and nylon-string acoustic guitars is in the head of the guitar; by comparing the two, you will find that a classic guitar(nylon-string) has an open head while a steel-string guitar has a closed head. Another clear difference between the two is the width of the neck. A steel-string acoustic guitar contains a thinner neck than the classical acoustic guitar.

Despite the differences in their construction, the sound produced remains one defining factor between the two acoustic guitars. As the name suggests, a steel-string acoustic guitar uses steel strings that can generate a loud metallic sound. The steel string contains a bright, crisp tone and can be used for rock, country, or pop music. In most cases, beginners are advised to start with nylon string guitars, but as they progress into more advanced stages, they are introduced to steel-string acoustic guitars. Kids acoustic guitars can also be fitted with pickups(electronic devices that receive musical sounds from the guitar and transfer it to the amplifier to be heard in loudspeakers) to amplify the vibration of the vibration string. These kinds of guitars are used while performing in public spaces.       

 Considerations Before Purchasing an Acoustic guitar for Kids


As a parent, your wish is to provide anything your kids want in this world, but sometimes the pocket says otherwise. In other scenarios, you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on an instrument that your kid will outgrow in a few years. Luckily, with the recent production of instruments, you can acquire low to mid-range acoustic guitars that are perfect for kids to learn on.

The price range for a kids/ beginners instrument is approximated to between $100 to $150. But you can exceed this range if you require a quality acoustic guitar or go low if you are looking for something adequate for kids.     


When purchasing an acoustic guitar for a kid, it is crucial that you acquire a make and model that fits the kid. Otherwise, the kid will be uncomfortable and won’t enjoy playing the guitar. Guitars come in four main sizes ¼ size, ½ size, ¾ size, 4/4 size.

  • For kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years, a ¼ or ½ size may be suitable depending on their height.

  • For kids between the age of 7 to 12 years, a ¾ size may be suitable for them.

  • For big kids 13 years and above, a full size 4/4 guitar would be the best choice.

The perfect way to determine the best guitar size for your kid is to go down to your music store and try several sizes out. In order to choose the best, make sure your kid’s right arm or left arm(if your kid is left-handed) and shoulder can position comfortably around the body, and the other arm can comfortably reach the neck of the guitar. 

If you are buying online and you are not sure about the size of the particular model, you can look out for the scale length in the product specification:-

  • Size ¼ guitar is equal to a scale length of 19″.

  • Size ½ guitar is equal to a scale length of 20.5″.

  • Size ¾ guitar is equal to a scale length of 22.75″.

  • Size 4/4 guitar is equal to a scale length of 24.75″ or 25.5″.

If you are buying online and you aren’t sure about the size of a particular model, you can check the scale length in the specs.

  • 1/4 size guitars have a scale length of 19″

  • 1/2 size has a scale length of 20.5″


The neck is another essential factor to consider. This is because some beginner’s acoustic guitars have wider necks than the others; this can be an issue for some kids. If they can not wrap their fingers around the guitar’s neck, it may cause discomfort making it hard to play. Classical acoustic guitars are characterized for having short, slim necks; thus, they are recommended for beginners.


Intonation refers to the accuracy of the tone of the guitar. Purchasing an acoustic guitar with excellent intonation should be your priority. Kids have less or no knowledge of how good or bad a guitar may sound. Buying them an acoustic guitar with good intonation will create a quality foundation for the kids in music.   

Tuning Machines

Tuning machines are the source of fine-tunes and the ability to maintain pitch. When purchasing an acoustic guitar for your kid, it is wise to make sure you choose the best tuners that are easy to handle and adjust.

Best Acoustic Guitar for Kids

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar & gigbag - Natural

Small guitars rock! They might not have the loudest sound or be the simplest to play, but they are helpful. The Yamaha JR1 is a simple design acoustic guitar that is a junior acoustic guitar of the famous FG folk guitar but with reduced size of ¾ size. Yamaha FG JR1’s small size shape provides an outstanding balance in that it can be big enough for kids to play with but also small enough for easy travel comfortably. 

The balance is evident; the JR1 features a unique pairing as the preferred tonewood on the upper side, with a back and side made of meranti. It has a standard neck that is solid and comfortable to play around. The neck features a satin finish with a rosewood fretboard that contains 20 frets. 

The Yamaha FG JR1 is an affordable guitar that has decent components. The body is suited with a simple rosewood bridge that features a remunerated synthetic bone saddle and nuts. The JR1 features the same simplicity in its tuners. 

This acoustic guitar delivers a good tone that has a little punch than other standard kid’s guitars.

Main feature

These are the features of the Yamaha FG JR1:-

  • This acoustic guitar is made of Mahogany black material and a wood body material.

  • The fretboard is made of a Rosewood material and contains 20 frets.

  • It features six light strings.

  • It has a small slim neck that is made of nato woods.

  • It weighs about 4.75 pounds.

Why we have chosen it

The Yamaha FG JR1 is an excellent investment for your kids. It is affordable and offers a quality tone. This acoustic guitar is easy to handle, thus making it a good option for kids. Yamaha FG JR1 guitar has also received a lot of positive feedback from clients. This cements our faith in it as it shows that the guitar is making highly impacting lives.


Reviews are responses from clients after using a product. They can be helpful or gloomy, depending on the client’s experience. Reading reviews before purchasing a product can be helpful because reviews provide truthful information from customers and can be useful in making an informed decision. 

The Yamaha FG JR1 acoustic guitar has received both positive and negative.

  “This is a fantastic guitar it may be 3/4 size but it plays like a regular guitar. Beautiful wood . I love it

Mad About Childrens Classical Spanish Guitar Kids Pack 3/4 Size

Product Description

The Mad About acoustic guitar is a perfect classic guitar from the Mad About for beginners. The guitar is created explicitly for kids thus equipped with nylon strings that are easy to play. Along with its superb playability due to low action, this classy acoustic guitar is durable, resisting wearing and tearing from constant use while maintaining a quality tone.

The Mad Classy acoustic guitar is ideal for home use, school use, or anyplace your musical kids may want to take it. The guitar is made from a lightweight material, making it easy to carry. On purchase, the guitar comes with spare nylon strings and a plectrum for easy playing. 

Main Features

If you are searching for a beginner’s guitar at an affordable price that will bring value for your money, then search no further. Let’s look at the features of the Mad About ¼ Classy guitar.:

  • This classy acoustic guitar’s body and back material are made from wood. This makes it as light as it can be for kids.

  • The Mad About acoustic guitar for kids features six strings that are made of nylon material.

  • It has a dimension size of 92 cm in length, 580 mm in scale size, and 45mm in Neck width. 

  • It is designed with a Plywood, matte black fingerboard material.

Why we have chosen it

The Mad About ¼ is a perfect guitar for kids; it is lightweight, maintains great tunes, and is affordable. Despite the cost of the guitar, the guitar comes with essentials accessories and a guitar bag that are needed for easy learning.

This acoustic guitar comes with six months of free online lessons for kids, this lessons provide your kid with all the necessary materials they require to master the art of playing acoustic guitar and an online teacher to direct them on the best ways to learn. The lessons are scheduled at your kid’s own pace; no pressure.


The Mad About Classic guitar is an acoustic guitar that you would refer a friend to; this is because it is not only affordable but comes loaded with valuable gifts to boost your kid’s development. 

This acoustic guitar has not only received a lot of positive feedback from clients but has also emerged as the number one bestseller guitar in the United Kingdom. Let’s check some of this reviews:-    

“I took it to try to start my son on the guitar. The tool is well finished despite the very low cost. The case is well made and the packaging with which it was delivered was absolutely durable. To consider also for all those people who in their movements I intend to have always behind a tool to have fun. The small size does not affect the fun playing experience.” 

TIGER ACG4-SB Full Size Electro Acoustic Guitar for Beginners with Built-in 3-Band EQ - Package includes Gig-bag, Strap and Spare Strings - Sunburst - Now with Six Months FREE lessons

Product Description.

Is your kid aspiring to be a guitarist? The Tiger Small guitar is the best place to begin. The Tiger Small Acoustic guitar delivers both professionalism and simplicity. The Small Body acoustic guitar is made with materials that have the ability to endure the wear and tear that happens when an instrument is in the hands of kids. Tuning the Tiger Small acoustic guitar is made easy and accurate by the geared machine heads. This means that you can set your guitar and start playing within a few minutes.

The Tiger Small Body guitar is a ¾” size guitar designed for kids seven years and above since it contains a smaller body for ideal playability. Its cutaway style provides players with easy access to upper frets and comfortability when playing to aid kids in reaching their full potential with ease.  

Main Features 

These are the main features of the Tiger Small Body guitar:

  • It has a dimension of 97 x 43 x11 cm and weighs about 2.72 kilograms. This is lighter than most beginners guitars.

  • The Small Body guitar is made of ABS back material and Linden body material.

  • The guitar has six steel strings that have a standard gauge.

  • It is designed with a Basswood top material.

Why we have chosen it

The Tiger Small Body guitar is a great instrument for kids ages twelve and above. It is lightweight, durable, and has good sound. On purchase, the guitar comes with spare strings that can be used in case one of the strings is broken, a strap, plectrum, and a bag that you can use to carry your guitar when you are traveling.

The Tiger brand ensures that you have a great guitar and ensures that you learn how to play it to your level best. The guitar comes with six months of free training lessons that provide your kids with all the materials they require to learn and master the art of playing the guitars. The classes provide a platform for kids to interact with trainers that are available, and kids can learn at a comfortable pace.


Before purchasing any product, it is wise to read reviews left by clients so as to understand the product more. The Tiger Small Body guitar has received a lot of positive reviews and ratings from clients.

“I’ve been playing guitar for a while. Never was too good but anyway this guitar has a clear sound, good reverb and for the price is a fine guitar to start with. The action is about 3mm high on the 12th fret. It comes along with the allen key to adjust it and also with the things you see in the picture. I received it without damage. It keeps in tune quite fairly and for me sounds good. If it is affordable for you, buy it. I recommend it.” 

Reading such comments provides confidence and assurance that the product you are to purchase is of good quality and will serve its purpose.  

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Black

Product Description

Yamaha APXT2 is a smaller-scale version of the fabulous Yamaha APX500II. This acoustic guitar maintains a stylish look, a slimline feel, and a wallet-friendly cost. It is a ¾ size scale guitar that is certainly made from the same cloth as the Yamaha APX50011. The APXT2 is a fun and simple acoustic guitar that is perfect for kids and travel.

The acoustic-electric guitar is equipped with an ART-based preamplifier with a System 68 contact pickup. The preamplifier contains a control panel that professional guitarists may find primary but beneficial to beginners due to its simplicity; only a master volume and a tone control along with a fitted digital tuner. The Yamaha APXT2 consists of beautiful vintage-style enclosed tuners, a rosewood bridge, a saddle, and nuts made from plastic. Yamaha also provides the player with a suitable padded gig bag to ease transportation and proper storage. 

The main focus of designing a great guitar is to maximize the sound produced by the guitar. In the case of APXT2, it has a very good sound but can not be compared to the Yamaha APX500II. The APXT2 gives a pleasing sound for beginners to learn and is suitable for home performance.  

Main Features

These are the main features of Yamaha APXT2 :

  • This electric-acoustic guitar is designed with a Meranti body and Rosewood back material and weighs about 5.29 pounds(2.4 kg. Making it lightweight and suitable for kids.]

  • It has a Spruce top material and a Rosewood fretboard material.

  • This guitar consist of six steel strings.

  •  It has a dimension of 36.22 x 16.46 x 4.53 inches.

  • It has an adjustable guitar bridge system.

  • It has a slim neck that is suitable for kids and people with small hands.

  • It has plastic-made tuners that are covered on the headstock. 

Why we have chosen it 

If you’re searching for a good present to gift your guitar-loving kids, then the Yamaha APXT2 is the guitar is the best gift to purchase. Yamaha APXT2 is designed with class and quality to aid your kid in learning the art of playing acoustic guitar. The guitar is a small-scale version of the best-selling Yamaha APX500II, kids learning to play the guitar using the APXT2 gain a good foundation in using and handling quality instruments at a young age which is a good thing.

The main basis why we have selected this guitar is that it is good quality, durable, and the price is friendly.


Before buying this acoustic guitar, make sure you read reviews written about it. You will be able to understand further if it is what we say it is or not. Go through both the positive and the negative reviews so that you make a knowledgeable decision before the purchase.

The APXT2 acoustic-electric guitar has received a lot of positive reviews from clients. Let us check some of the reviews:

“love this little guitar, fun to play, stays in tune, you can take it anywhere and it sounds great.” 

“Bought this for the kids. My son loves the look of it, and the onboard tuner is nice.

My idea was to get the kids something they will enjoy playing with, and most likely, they will stick with it. I’m not a professional, but I think it’s nice quality.”

Loog Mini Acoustic kids Guitar for Beginners 3-strings Ages 3+ Learning app and lessons included

Product Description

The Loog Mini acoustic guitar is a worthy purchase for your kid. This guitar was designed by a man who wanted to create an easier version of standard guitar to aid his six years niece master the art of playing the guitar.  

The body of this guitar is confusing. The Loog Mini Acoustic guitar has a small body that is mainly confused with being a ukulele. But the number of strings on this one is one of the defining things that set it out as acoustic guitar. The Loog Mini is designed with three strings so as to accommodate the hands and fingers of kids.

This acoustic guitar’s body and neck are made from natural wood that withstand abuse from enthusiastic kids. Due to the decreased size of the guitar, a low action as well the fact that it has three strings, the Loog Mini is lightweight and provides playability for kids. They are able to wrap around the fretboard without stretching.

It has three open-geared tuners with a white button for the three strings made of nylon, making this guitar appropriate for beginners. On purchase, the Loog Mini comes with flashcards that contain chords diagrams to aid your kid in learning a few fast, simple chords that are fun. The flashcards also give access to the Loog Guitar application for easier learning.

 For a small guitar, the sound produced by this guitar is not bad. The sound produced is closely similar to that one of the classical guitar.

Main Features

These are the main features of the Loog Mini acoustic guitar:

  • This great acoustic guitar is made with a Linden body material and a Brasswood back material. 

  • It has a dimension of 56.39 x 17.53 x 5.84 cm and weighs about 421.84 grams.

  • It has three strings that are made from nylon and are medium in size.

  • It has a fixed guitar bridge system.

  • The fretboard and neck materials are made from Maple material.

Why we have chosen it

The Loog Mini acoustic guitar is a perfect guitar for kids to learn and master the art of playing the guitar. It is lightweight, cost-friendly, and most importantly, gives a good sound. This award-winning acoustic guitar has everything that a kid’s acoustic guitar should have, from being the size to 3 nylon strings, and it is approved for education purposes.

The main reason we chose this guitar is that it, apart from the excellent quality that the guitar has, also comes with flashcards that contain cords diagrams, video lessons, and access to the Loog Guitar application (Compatible with both Android and iOS).  


Clients use reviews to express their frustration and excitement about a product. These reviews, in return, are operated by potential clients to gauge and understand the product more. Manufacturers also use these reviews to understand the impact of the product on the market and know what to improve or change in the product. 

The Loog Mini 3 string acoustic guitar is a powerful instrument that is cheaper and approved for education. It has gotten a lot of good feedbacks from clients that are a boost to its purpose and sales. Below are some of the reviews that the Loog Mini guitar has received:

“This is the best beginner guitar I have seen. The cue cards and app make teaching my kids (5 and 2) easy and fun! Within a day my 5 y/o was strumming and playing different chords.”

Read the reviews if you want to know more about the product and understand further what it offers. 


Classical Guitar 30 inch Acoustic Guitar Bundle Kids 1/2 Half Size Wooden Classic Guitar 6 Strings with Beginner Kit for Kids Students Beginners Adults (Wood)

Product Description 

The Tiger Beginner’s ½” classic acoustic guitar is a fantastic guitar for kids to start learning music. This entry-level guitar contains strings set up to low action for easy and comfortable playing. Featuring solid construction, the Tiger ½” acoustic guitar has a fine feel when held and has the capability to endure the wear and tear that it might experience since kids are handling it. Its body design provides a bright and deep tone. The guitar design is efficient and straightforward. It features a geared machine head so that your kids spend less time trying to tune and have more time learning.

The guitar comes with a Tiger Clip-on Chromatic Tuner that measures the vibration that vibrates through the guitar. Chromatic tuners show accurate figures on an LCD display, helping the kids gauge how close they are to play tuned strings accurately. This Chromatic Tuner is simple to use and transportable; it is a student best tuner.

The Tiger ½” guitar comes with a strap and plectrum holder for easy and comfortable playing. It also comes with spare string, thus reducing the cost of maintenance for you.

Main Features

These are the main features of the Tiger Beginner ½” Classic acoustic guitar:

  • This classical acoustic guitar has a dimension of 6 x 52 x89 cm and weighs about 1.7 kilograms(3.8 pounds).

  • The guitar features a Marple back material and Linden body material.

  • It contains six nylon strings with a standard gauge.

  • This guitar includes a Marple neck and top material.

  • It has an adjustable guitar bridge system. 

Why we have chosen it

The Tiger brand is known for manufacturing reliable, quality, and cost-effective instruments. In producing Tiger ½” classical acoustic guitar, the company maintained the standard and made a fantastic guitar.

This ½ size acoustic guitar is recommended by schools and education experts thanks to its wonderful colour and great tone. On purchase, the guitar comes with six-month free online teaching lessons that your kid can enroll in without any pressure since the learning is done at your kid’s pace. Other benefits are:-

  •  Kids can repeat any lesson at any time for clarity.

  • The online session creates an interaction with the available teachers.

  • Your kid can play along with a virtual band making use of superb backing tracks.

This acoustic guitar has received a lot of positive feedback from clients; this is one of the reasons we have included it on our list since it is evident that the guitar is doing a fantastic job out there.


Looking at the previous review from earlier clients will definitely aid you if you want to know more about the Tiger ½” acoustic guitar. By reading previous comments, you will be able to make an informed decision on the guitar. 

Here are some of the reviews that the Tiger ½” have received:-

“Bought for my daughter! Fab quality! Comes with a strap! Perfect for a started guitar!”

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