Best Steel Tongue Drums

Steel Tongue Drums

Whether you’re a professional musician or a total beginner, some instruments can transfer your mind in a fraction of a second.  A tongue drum (sometimes called a steel tongue drum, tank drum or hank drum) is a kind of idiophone musical instrument (instruments that make sounds out of the substance’s …

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Best Drum Sets For Kids

Drums For Kids

Any object that produces a musical sound is referred to as a musical instrument. The drum kit, also known as “the drums,” is a collection of percussion instruments designed to be played by one person. The essential drum kit is made up of various other percussion instruments, but the main …

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Best Small Drum Sets – Portable & Compact!

Small Drum Set

Compact drum kits have grown in popularity in recent years, and despite their small size, these mini drum kits aren’t just for kids. Small, agile setups pertaining to drum sets that you can transport quickly and easily have grown in favour due to modern gigging venues with smaller stages and …

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Best Drum Books For Beginners

Learning Drums

Learning to play the drums can be rewarding, but it can also be irritating if you do not acquire quality instructional books. Choosing the best beginner’s book can be the determining factor of how you enjoy playing the drums, as well as if you will quit or be motivated to …

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Best Silent Drum Kit (Quiet Drums)

Drum Sticks

If you need to know how to make a drum kit quieter and you want to practice drumming in your apartment without disturbing your neighbours, then this buyer’s guide is for you. We have some of the best tips that will help you reduce the volume of the drum. Whether …

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Best Drum Machines

Best Drum Machine

A drum machine is an electrical device whose primary focus is generating drum and percussion sounds, giving you an opportunity to create grooves and beats alongside a built-in sequencer that plays back your compositions. Most drum machines have built-in sounds with onboard parameters for shaping and modulating your sound as …

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