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Best Guitar Wall Mounts (& Hangers)

While you could store your favourite guitar in a bag or on a floor stand, there are several advantages to hanging it on your wall. It’s not only a beautiful way to display your guitar, but it’s also a highly practical method to store your instrument in your studio or practice room. 

This article will tell which of the best guitar wall hangers are genuinely worth your money. You can hang your guitars horizontally using specially designed mounts. These mounts are fastened to the wall in the same way that vertical mounts are, and they stay put. The advantage of a sideways mount is that it can create a “floating” look by concealing the wall hanger’s hooks.

Both guitar stands and guitar wall hangers are attractive, but you can choose the greatest solution for you based on your needs. Guitar stands are an excellent choice for people who have a dedicated room for their guitars or a lot of open space in their living rooms. 

Guitar wall hangers are perfect for folks who want extra space in their living rooms but don’t want to risk running into or falling over their guitars when they’re on stands. Purchasing a guitar wall mount and hanger is almost as thrilling as purchasing a guitar. 

This is the stuff that will look after your instrument while you’re not using it. If you are selective in your search, the hanger can also be a lovely ornamental piece. If you’re still undecided about which guitar hanger to purchase, consider the following factors.

What is a guitar mount?

The Guitar Wall Hanger is both sturdy and light. The wall hanger’s solid structure allows it to support even the heaviest guitars. You may place it anywhere it is needed due to its portability. The sturdy rubber-covered support arms of the guitar wall mount reliably secure a variety of guitars. 

Guitar wall hangers are not only attractive, but they also safeguard your instrument from being knocked over. Standard guitar wall hangers are also suitable for a wide range of instruments, including electric, brass, acoustic and ukulele.

Guitar wall hangers come in a wide range of styles and prices, and they’re usually rather reasonable. This list should have something to meet your needs, whether you’re searching for a simple wall hanger or something to hold your full guitar collection. The most important thing to remember is to hang your guitar hanger somewhere out of direct sunlight. 

There would be less humidity and other heat sources, such as heaters, in an ideal site. This is because temperature variations can have a negative impact on the guitar’s wood. Another suggestion is to use the proper tools when putting up the hanger. 

The wall hanger should be securely fastened and positioned at an angle that makes it easy to reach and hang the guitar. It also answers one of the people’s biggest concerns for whether or not it’s safe to hang guitars on the fence. The answer is yes. 

Hanging guitars on the wall is safe. Beginners frequently worry that hanging their new or even old guitar may put too much stress on the neck, causing it to break. However, that’s not the case! Let’s get into our top picks for the best guitar hanger that money can buy. 

Top picks: The best guitar hanger/ mount:

HERCULES Stands GSP38WB PLUS AGS Guitar Wall Hanger with Wood Base
The Hercules GSP38WB Plus is the ideal blend of classic elegance and cutting-edge 21st-century auto-lock technology. Many brands have attempted to copy this design, but only a few have succeeded. The Hercules guitar wall mount hanger is built to be rugged and dependable, just like its namesake. 

Whether you have a light or heavy guitar, this hanger is up to the task and can support even the heaviest instruments. What strikes me the most is the yoke’s firm grip. The inner surface is not as smooth as the outer surface. If you’re concerned about scratching your guitar’s neck, don’t be. It’s ideal for keeping a firm grasp on the neck. 

Other brands’ auto-lock mechanisms are less sensitive than this one. It’s simple to do. The system’s wooden foundation also adds a touch of class. That’s what I call a winning combination.


  • Reasonable in price
  • Protects your guitar
  • Saves space

Highly recommended 


  • Not as good as other high rated wall mounts
String Swing CC01K - Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount Bracket Holder for Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Oak
The String Swing CC01K-BW is yet another dependable wall hanger that can accommodate any string instrument. You can rest assured that your instrument is safe and secure as long as you install it properly. 

The yoke’s padding is denser and smoother than competing items’ cushions. The end caps compliment the dark grey padding nicely, and the black walnut adds a splash of colour to any area. It’s simple to adjust the yoke to accommodate different headstock shapes.


  • Yoke’s padding is dense and smooth
  • End caps compliment the dark grey padding nicely
  • Can accommodate any string instrument


  • Installation takes time
Ohuhu Guitar Wall Mount Hanger (2 Pack)
Ohuhu manufactures some of the best value guitar wall mount hangers on the market. The company’s guitar hangers are made from a variety of solid hardwood species. This, no doubt, is what distinguishes Ohuhu’s products. No two blocks of wood will be identical, allowing for some individuality.

To provide you piece of mind, this guitar wall mount hanger has a yoke with a secure stopper. The padded covering on the yoke will be durable but friendly on your instrument. The yoke may be swiveled to fit different headstock shapes. The yoke’s smooth curve appeals to us. 

People believe it’s sultry, and it goes well with the guitar’s natural curves. The yoke-and-arm component protrudes far enough from the base to prevent the guitar’s back from grazing the wall. That gives people a lot of peace of mind.


  • An elegant way to showcase and safeguard your guitar
  • Very reasonable
  • Gives your room a classy look with a guitar hanging on the wall securely.


  • Costs more than other alternatives on the market
RockJam Wall Mountable Universal Guitar Hanger with Padded Arms - Twin Pack
A unique design isn’t required for an excellent guitar hanger and wall mount. All it takes is a smart design, solid construction, and a method to keep your guitar safe while it hangs on the wall. The Rock Jam is a straightforward device with a reasonable price. A pair of these cuties will set you back at the best price. Given Rock Jam’s use of an auto-lock technology, that’s a surprise pricing. It’s a one-handed method of mounting your guitar on the wall. 

This guitar holder also boasts one of the most comfortable yoke cushions. That’s reassuring to know. At the very least, no scuff marks will ever appear on the neck of your favorite guitar if this mount is used. It’s also simple to set up.


  • Best wall mount for your guitar
  • It is secure, stable and sturdy
  • Provides protection to the guitar when one is not playing with it 


  • Quite expensive
Top Stage JX15NA-Q2 Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 2-Pack, Guitar Hanger Wall Hook Holder Stand for Bass Electric Acoustic Guitar Ukulele, Natural (Pack of 2)
This guitar mount is straightforward and practical.  The Top Stage JX15NA-Q2 fits the bill perfectly. Many people like the JX15NA-hardwood Q2’s foundation. 

It has the same strength as any other hardwood. The exquisite intricacies of the wood grain may only be seen if you look very closely, but it’s still a lovely wall hanger. The yoke is strong, and it swivels freely to accommodate unequal headstocks.

To put this hanger on your wall, all you want is a Philips screwdriver. The extension bolts are ideal for fastening the hardware in the wall, and the installation screws are sturdy.


  • Provides sturdy installation
  • Saves a lot of space in the room
  • It is practical and reasonable


  • For installation needs a Philips screwdriver.
String Swing Guitar Hanger – Holder for Electric Acoustic and Bass Guitars – Stand Accessories for Home or Studio Wall - Musical Instruments Safe without Hard Cases - Black Walnut Hardwood CC01K-BW
String Swing’s 5-piece hanger set is great for folks who have many guitars. The hanger’s mounts are secure and can hold the weight of many guitars. The hanger has an aluminum-coated finish that gives it a sleek appearance, and the soft padding protects your instrument from damage.

The cradles securely keep the instruments in place, and they’re adjustable to accommodate headstocks of any form. So that the guitars do not crash with each other or the wall, there is enough space between each hanger and some space between the hanger and the wall. Overall, this is a solid guitar wall hanger set that allows you to hang numerous guitars comfortably.


  • Available at reasonable price
  • Provides great security to the guitars
  • Due to aluminum coating, it has a sleek look
  • Can hold heavyweight of guitar securely


  • Might have better alternatives available
Donner Guitar Wall Mount Auto Lock Guitar Hanger Hook Holder Stand For Guitar Bass Banjo Mandoline Black
Donner is a name people know will deliver high-quality goods at a reasonable price. The Donner Auto Lock Wall Guitar Mount will provide you with just that. It’s a tough fixture capable of supporting the weight of a 22-pound string instrument.

The Donner guitar hanger’s auto-lock system is extremely responsive, which is one of its best features. Other auto lock solutions many have encountered can be a big bother to set up. When you use this device to hang your guitar on the wall, you won’t have any headaches. 

The Donner’s design is strikingly similar to that of the LC Prime. You may tilt the device to avoid individuals hitting their heads against the guitar mount. The only distinction is the Donner’s heart-shaped base. Yes, it is also less expensive.


  • Saves a lot of space
  • Highly recommended by people
  • Made of good solid black material


  • Expensive 

Choosing the best wall mount for you:

Guitar security:

Why do so many individuals object to their instrument being up on their wall? It all boils down to safety. That protects you from falling. Nobody likes to return back one day to discover that his beloved gig tool has already been dismantled into thousands of jigsaw-like parts. This is why you must select a guitar wall mount and hanger that will ensure your guitar’s safety. 

Regrettably, guitar protection is as serious a consequence of merchandise form as it is of how the guitar is mounted. Getting heavy-duty bolts and a dependable construction product is only a share of the battle. 

The technique in which the mount is installed is the additional. You will not be capable of ensuring the security of your instrument if you attach the hanger haphazardly. As a result, it is usually advisable to hire an expert to assist you in installing the guitar wall mount. 

You don’t want your instrument to fall off the guitar hanger, either. You can possess a strong mount to take on a rhino. However, if your instrument glides off the hanger’s arm, this will be useless. A guitar hanger can prevent sliding in a couple of ways. A yoke with a wide curve pattern is standard on most goods on the market. The guitar slides down the hanging arm due to gravity. 

A rounded arm counters this gravitational influence.  Another option for securing your guitar is to use a hanger with a locking device. On the opening of the hanger arms, these items feature a swivel-type barrier that acts as a defense gate. The two ‘locks’ close the gap within the arms, preventing the guitar neck from sliding ahead and crashing to the ground. 

You will also want to consider a guitar wall mount and hanger with an auto-lock practice. The weight of your instrument is used in this system. The yoke automatically locks your guitar to keep it secure when you let go of your guitar on the hanger. By removing your instrument, you also eliminate the system’s weight-bearing. This is the key to unlocking it.

The materials utilized in the guitar hanger’s construction should look at. There are various options available here. The majority of the stocks on the run feature a wooden stand and a steel division. Wood is a great material to work with, especially if it’s hardwood. 

You should avoid engineered wood products. These are available in layers, which can reveal structural integrity flaws over time. It is preferable to use solid hardwood.


The quality of a guitar wall mount and hanger is likewise a consequence of the brand’s reputation. Well-known labels will never exchange a commodity that could jeopardize their reputation. Of course, newbies and small businesses endeavor to give customers the highest quality items available. 

The materials utilized in the guitar hanger’s construction are something you should look at. There are various options available here. The majority of the products on the market feature a wooden base and a steel arm. Wood is a great material to work with, especially if it’s hardwood. 

Guitar hangers constructed of high-grade synthetic material have also been spotted. The advantage of these things is how light they are. The problem is that they frequently appear reasonable and uncool. Check the construction of a guitar hanger and wall mount before purchasing. There shouldn’t be any visible dents, cracks, or other physical flaws.

Neck protection:

Do you recall the yoke we mentioned earlier? The gap separating the pair of arms is large enough to fit your guitar’s neck. The neck of your instrument is more dangerous than the headstock if you look at it closely. 

The guitar won’t accidentally fall since the headstock is larger than the area between the yoke’s arms. This could be a problem for you. If you aren’t cautious when transferring or storing your guitar on the rack, you risk scratching or scuffing the neck. 

As a result, the material utilized in the yoke’s design must be considered. Rubber-wrapped steel yokes are found on the majority of guitar hangers. One can use additional non-abrasive bodies in other models. Before you choose to purchase a guitar hanger wall mount, make sure you do your homework on these materials. 


Guitar hangers and wall mounts are not pricey. Most businesses offer their goods in quantities of twos, threes, or even tens. These solutions are great for individuals who need to hang multiple guitars. 

Don’t be surprised if you come upon a stock that costs you more or less. These guitar hangers are different from others. These objects have elaborate designs, employ unusual materials, or include additional characteristics. 


Some spirits want to keep everything as plain and unobtrusive as attainable. Others are looking for something that will add worth to their lives. Guitarists may also desire a guitar hanger and wall mount that complements their unique style. It’s difficult to say what kind of form you should be looking for. 

It’s a secret that only you can grasp. Look around your room for a hint. What do you think you’re seeing? Can you spot the common thread in these? If you can, you’re one step closer to figuring out what kind of guitar wall mount and hanger you’ll require. 

Extra features:

Besides keeping your guitar secure, not every guitar wall mount and hanger offers features. If you need to get the most bang for your buck, seek products with additional characteristics. A guitar hanger with a built-in holder for your guitar picks, straps, and other small objects is a terrific option. 

It will be even more desirable if the produce includes a little shelf for storing your trinkets and things. Always consider the various applications for the guitar hanging wall mount. It can be used to hang your backpack, jacket and other belongings. It could also be used as an ornamental item. What are the chances?

Frequently asked questions:

Q1)Is it safe to hang my guitar on a wall?

Putting a guitar on a floor or a rack could be prone to accidents. A headstock break is the most common injury, but punctures and dents are also prevalent. The better alternative is to hang it on the wall in a padded hanger; it’s simply more out of the way. 

Part of the question is mechanical—will the instrument be harmed in any way by being hung by its headstock? No, that is not the case. Because the downward pressure from the guitar’s weight isn’t nearly as great as the pull of the strings in the other direction, it’s widely considered a safe technique to hang a guitar. 

Check that the hanger won’t damage the tuning mechanisms and that it’s coated or covered in a soft, inert material that won’t scratch your guitar’s finish.

Q2) is Donner guitar wall mount a good investment?

The Donner guitar wall mount base is constructed of solid black walnut, and the guitar hook holder is composed of robust metal steel and soft silicone rubber, with a maximum load of 22.05 pounds and a scratch-resistant finish. This design keeps your guitars stable while hanging and gives them a more noble appearance than conventional wall hangings. The guitar hanger stand is robust but light, and its flexibility makes it easy to set up. 

Your wall hangers are secured to the wall with two screws and two drywall anchors. All these features, beyond any doubt, make Donner guitar wall mount worth buying.

Final verdicts:

The overwhelming amount of guitar wall mounts and hangers on the market makes selecting and purchasing the appropriate one difficult. Different products may appear to be identical, changing only in minute characteristics. 

The majority of the course, their characteristics coincide. Beginner guitar players may find this particularly perplexing.

This is why most people typically advise doing extensive research on what you wish to purchase. Examine each one in light of the features you seek in a guitar wall mount and hanger. Building a comparison table is often a good idea to secure the adoption process more efficient.

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