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A lot of people are searching for ways through which they can learn piano without incurring so much cost from their home comfort. Lighted keyboard piano is one way to learn these skills. For example, with lighted keyboards, the keyboard lights up the notes required to play a chord or next note of a melody. This can be one of the fastest and best ways to play the piano. Combining this feature with online lessons allows you to learn at your own pace and time. In this guide, we will be reviewing some of the best-lighted keyboard pianos on the market.

Sometimes the learning process can be a real turn off and frustrating. In the beginning, the learner is usually very excited, but it gets a bit complicated as the process escalates. When it gets to that point where they are required to play their own music, they start getting bored, which is a great setback in the whole process. A digital keyboard piano with light-up keys may solve some of these problems. 

So, a light-up keyboard piano can be a great tool for beginners. You may want to consider it your first instrument or anyone who wants to start learning piano techniques and someone who struggles with keyboard intricacies. Despite it being good for beginners, you might become reliant on this instrument. Once you have mastered the key, our advice is that you should progress to a more advanced instrument. For kids and beginners, it will be a perfect tool for motivation to keep you playing more and more. 

Who is a light-up piano ideal for?

Many advantages come with a lighted keyboard piano when you are learning piano skills. The process itself needs a lot of patience, and you will also need to invest your time in the entire learning period. In addition, once you get some skills, you will need to practice those skills regularly to become a habit.  So if you are a parent who wants to train your kids piano techniques, they need a lot of motivation or something that can encourage them to keep playing. One way of doing this is making the whole process fun and interesting. 

Because kids have a short attention span and little patience, a lighted keyboard piano will help motivate your kids to play more. Some come with flashing lights which take all the kids’ attention, making the process more productive. Lighted keyboards are ideal for kids; even grown-ups beginners should consider such instruments when they want to learn keyboard skills. Generally, light-up keyboard pianos are the perfect way to motivate anyone to learn basic piano techniques.

Lighted keyboard features

Although it might seem like using a lighted keyboard as a child play, this keyboard has all the basic and necessary features that a real piano has. It is designed with different style options, numerous built-in songs, and hundreds of voices.  This is enough evidence that it is a real keyboard piano. Most of these keyboards come with 61 keys because they are mostly meant for beginners or kids. However, some do not have touch sensitivity features.

If you are a piano expert, you would definitely mind the absence of touch sensitivity in some of these lighted keyboard pianos. But if you are a beginner or a kid, you will not care about the touch sensitivity of a keyboard: whether it has or not. However, as you progress, you need a more advanced keyboard with touch sensitivity to give you a similar feel to a grand piano. Some other features that you would find in a lighted keyboard include metronome, effects, and connectivity. 

The main feature here is the lighted keys. Flickering and moving lighted keys help draw attention, especially of inattentive kids, inspiring them to learn more. The keyboard is also suitable for adults who are interested in learning the piano. 

Our best light up keyboard piano

Yamaha YPT-260 Portable Electronic Keyboard for Beginners and First Timers, 61 Key Versatile Learning Keyboard, in Black

Product description

In most of our reviews in the line of keyboards, we have always recommended Yamaha. Yamaha is a well-established musical instrument brand, and it has dominated the keyboard piano market, not only here in the UK but also all over the world. It comes with realistic sounds, great quality, and it lives up to instrumentalists expectations. 

The keyboard has 392 voices and 100 accompaniment styles. It has 61 full-sized lighted keys with a full complement of tones and voices. Although they may be less than other models, the tones and voices are of excellent quality. The transposition function will allow you to switch the pitch up and down, enabling you to change the key to match other instruments. 

The keyboard’s light-up key function is one of the best among the keyboard with this functionality. The instrument comes with 100 built-in songs, which are well-known and popular songs. Also, you will get the Yamaha Education Suite, which will allow you to play better and faster. If you are learning piano without a teacher, this will be a great tool for you.

Main features

Why is this model doing well on the market? The following are some of the reasons:

  • It is ideal for beginners because of the wide variety of learning features and voices it offers.
  • It allows you to connect with other devices such as headphones and instruction gadgets.
  • It has one of the best light-up key functionalities.
  • The instrument comes with a total of 100 popular songs to learn.
  • The speakers are worth your money.
  • The Yamaha Educational Suite is an excellent software to learn with.

Why we have chosen it

This is a great instrument for someone who is looking for a lighted keyboard. Yamaha is a well-established music instrument brand whose products are highly reliable. With this in mind, it was hard for us to resist this Yamaha lighted keyboard piano model. It comes with great features to get you started. With 61 full-sized keys, 400 voices and 130 styles, the instrument provides you with all you need to play your piano. 

For beginners, we thought this might be an ideal keyboard because of the learning features it offers. With the Yamaha Education Suite, you will learn different techniques without even having a piano teacher. Away from education features, the instrument comes with a pair of headphones and a keyboard stand, which are playing essentials.

Read reviews

Reviews will present you with more information about this piano than what the manufacturer would give you. This way, you will learn different sides of this product, including its strengths and weaknesses. Some buyers will state only positive things about this product, while others will state negative things. Despite some shortcomings, most buyers seem to be impressed with what the keyboard offers.

The ONE Light Keyboard, 61-Key Portable Learning Keyboard, Onyx Black

Product description

The 88 full-sized lighted keyboards are quite limited on the market. The reason may be that most of the lighted keyboards are designed for beginners who require them for motivation and to improve their attention. However, if you need an 88- lighted keys instrument, this could be a great alternative because of the features it offers.

The ONE Keyboard will give you a realistic piano feel than other lighted keyboards options. It has a full-size key hammer action, which gives a similar feel to an actual piano. This is much better than playing on flimsy plastic keys. If you want to become an expert, you can opt for this keyboard. 

The lighted keys engage well with the music apps and light up the next key you need to play. This way, you will learn different songs easily without the need for a teacher. The recommended app has great learning features such as video lessons, games, and a crash course to assist you in learning keyboard basics faster.

Main features

The main selling features of this keyboard include:

  • The light-up keys offer note-by-note that guide beginners to learn quickly.
  • The Smart Piano app includes learning games, sheet music, and video lessons, making the learning process more engaging and fun. 
  • The built-in speakers enable you to play YouTube,  Spotify, and more. 
  • The connectivity of this keyboard is excellent.

Why we have chosen it

This is among a few lighted keyboards that will offer you an equivalent feel to an actual piano. The keyboard has 61 full-sized keys with hammer action, just like a real piano. This keyboard is not only ideal for beginners but also for professionals who are concerned with the touch sensitivity of a keyboard. This keyboard can be a perfect alternative to the limited 88-full sized keys options. 

Another feature that impressed us about this keyboard is its sound features. It comes with 417 timbers, nine percussions, 16 folk instruments, 256 GM2  tones, and 603 drum sounds. These great sound features allow you to play different music genres. The learning features also is another area of attraction of this piano. The light-up keys interact well with the music app to light up the key that needs to be played.

Read reviews

Before settling on this product, read reviews first. They will expose you to many sides of this product. You will know if the keyboard has met users’ expectations or not. With this information, you will know if this keyboard is an ideal one for you or not. Your decision lies in the reviews

Axus AXP2L Light-Up Portable Keyboard for Beginners Full Size Key Lighting Touch Sensitive Keys Interactive Teaching System ,Black ,61-Key

Product description

This keyboard is an ideal one for visual learners. It is designed with a 61 note lighted keyboard with great touch sensitivity.  It is very popular with beginners who are learning chords, scales, and beginner songs. This keyboard piano is ideal for students because they can see the key to press, offering a more engaging learning and playing experience. 

The Axus AXP2L 61 Keyboard is designed with separate buttons for a three-step lesson function with a light-up mechanism, sustain, voices and rhythms, metronome, recording, and many more for easy application of these features. It has a simple layout which makes it easy to use this keyboard, especially for beginners. The backlit LCD screen offers an excellent overview of selected functions while colour-coded keys provide enhanced visibility.

Main features

Below are a few common selling points of Axus AXP2L 61 Keyboard:

  • It has a user-friendly teaching function and interface.
  • The keyboard is designed with a wide range of connectivity options.
  • The keys of this keyboard piano have a touch sensitivity feature.
  • It has 260 rhythms and 512 timbres.

Why we have chosen it

This keyboard piano offers you a wide range of effects and sounds for enhanced creativity away from its light-up keys. The 512 voices consist of strings, guitars, piano, bass, percussion, woodwinds, and more, which create room for creativity. The 260 styles offer you an excellent backing for your favourite genres. 

The three steps have a light-up function that guides players. The intelligent teaching function of this keyboard is a great feature, which helps learners feel motivated when learning. You can connect this keyboard to other external devices, including a microphone, headphones, or a computer, to expand your music experience and convenience.

Read reviews

Before you make the final decision on purchasing this keyboard piano, make sure you interact with reviews first. You will get to know what users who have had experience with this keyboard have to say about it. Some will praise the instrument for its amazing features, while others will explain why the keyboard disappointed them. With these divergent opinions, you will know whether this keyboard is the right one for you or not. In addition, you will be able to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of this product and weigh out the options available for you. 

The options available for you on the market for light-up keyboard piano are limited compared to other models. With our four top picks, you will not struggle to get a perfect lighted keyboard for easy learning and playing. Two of our best picks have keys with touch sensitivity features, meaning you have the best keyboard options for a realistic piano experience. In addition, we made sure we selected instruments from well-established brands that you might be familiar with, such as Yamaha and Casio. 

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