Best Electric Guitars For Kids

Playing electric guitars is fun. Kids who are into rock and roll and other alternative music will love this type of guitar. An electric guitar is a type of guitar that requires amplification so that it can be heard at a classic performance volume. This is different from a standard acoustic guitar. The electric guitar has one or more pickups that capture or sense any mechanical vibration produced by the guitar and convert them to electric signals that are amplified by an instrument amplifier to give musical sounds in a loudspeaker. 

When it comes to purchasing electric guitars for your kids, it involves juggling around your targeted budget, quality, and your child’s expectations. But with a narrow-down list of the best electric guitars for kids, it can be easy to choose and gift your kids with quality. Kids guitars are unique; they can be a motivation to kids to continue learning guitars or be frustrating, making them dislike the art of playing the guitars. 

Choosing the right size for Kids

Purchasing a too big guitar can bring frustrations to your child as it can be hard to reach with both hands accurately. Having their hands raised high above or equal to the shoulder can be uncomfortable and, at some point painful. Stretching their arms to reach the first fret gives them a technical disadvantage as they can not correctly move their fingers to play the guitar.

Getting your kids a good-sized guitar that perfectly fits will automatically boost their comfort and motivate them to play and interact more with the guitar. The most common electric guitar sizes available are ¼, ½, ¾, and a full-size guitar. Using the size chart below, you can easily choose the right electric guitar for your kids.

 Average Height.

  • Age 4 – 6: 3’4″ to 3’9″
  • Age 7 – 9: 3’11” to 4’4″
  • Age 10 – 12: 4’7″ to 5′
  • Age 13 and above: 5’2 and above.

If your kid’s age falls between two sizes or the child is very close to the next size, it is wise to choose the bigger size. Otherwise, your kids may outgrow the new guitar forcing you to purchase a new one; on the other hand, buying a slightly bigger size may not be a big issue since they are growing.

The best person to advise on the right size is your kid’s guitar teacher. They extensively understand kids guitars and may know the best guitar size and brand that may best suit your kid and is suitable for learning. 

Required Accessories

Playing an electric guitar is not as cheap as one may think; this is due to additional accessories that are not optional. Some of the accessories required are:-

Electric Guitar Amplifier – Electric guitar amplifier is a device that strengthens weak audio signals from an electric guitar’s pickup so that it can produce quality sound through loudspeakers. Unlike the acoustic guitars, the electric guitar sounds quite a nonexistence without the application of an amplifier. Electric guitars contain magnetic devices called pickup that translate the steel-string vibration to electric signals. 

You are needed to switch on the amplifier so that it can receive and translate the simple musical squeaks into heavy-rocking music. The best receiver or amplifiers to purchase for kids are the ones that have both receivers and speakers combined. This is because the combined unit eases transportation, and it is easy to control.

Headphones –  Do you want to contain the sound as your kid is playing the guitar? Do you want your kid to enjoy music and not disturb your neighbours? Then the headphones are the best cure for this; most amplifiers are designed with a headphone jack that allows users to enjoy playing the guitars while listening to their sounds through headphones. 

When buying headphones, you will be required to buy a set of compatible headphones inside a ¼” jack. If the set you purchase does not fit a ¼” jack, it is advisable to buy an adapter that will act as the connector between your headphones and your amplifier. In order to maintain your kid’s happiness and health, it is advisable to buy around-ear headphones. This avoids direct injection of sounds into the eardrum as it would be with in-ear headphones.  

Guitar Cable – A guitar cable is the cord that joins your kid’s electric guitar to the amplifier. This cable plays a significant role as it takes the mechanic vibration from the pickups and transmits them to the amplifiers so as to strengthen them. When purchasing a guitar cable, it is wise to consider the length and the quality; it is advisable to buy a cable about 20″ long. This avoids cables laying all over the house, and quality that is good to reduce maintenance costs.

Guitar Straps – Guitar straps are essential so that your child can comfortably learn to stand and enjoy playing electric guitar. A quality electronic guitar should provide your kid with more control and enhance their accuracy of playing. At the same time, a dab strap can bring frustrations, uncomfortably, cause pain due to stretching, or even damage the instruments if not correctly used.  

It is recommended that you set your kid’s electric guitar strap in a diaphragm level as it enhances style. 

Guitar Picks –  Guitar picks are a plectrum that is used for playing the guitars. They are made from plastics, wood, glass, stones, rubber, tortoiseshell, or felt. The picks are, in most cases, designed in an acute isosceles triangle; two similar rounded corners and one more minor rounded corner. Your child can sample all the different materials and sizes of all the available electronic guitar picks and find the pick they mostly prefer. 

Best Electric Guitars for kids

Fender Squier Mini Stratocaster Guitar, Black

Product Description

If you are looking for a high-quality guitar with an excellent price and durability for your kid, then the Fender Squier Mini Strat is the gadget for you. The Fender Squier Mini Strat is one of the best electric guitars for kids between 6 to 10 years of age who want to master the basics on an exceptional quality guitar that is not that expensive. The Fender Squier Mini Start is a 22.75″ electric guitar, a mini version of the famous Squier Bullet by Fender. The guitar plays well., maintains tunes, and is lightweight, making it a perfect instrument for kids. Once your kid advance to a full-sized electric guitar, this Mini Strat can be used by anyone as a travel guitar.

The guitar has a standard Stratocaster shape that has been proven to be a great design, and it is famous as most guitars use this design. The Mini Strat features an excellent vintage Stratocaster appearance that is brought in with classic colours like Sunburst, Red, Torino, Black, and Pink. The finishing on this electric guitar is shiny and smooth. The body and the Neck appear and feel like a real Fender Stratocaster electric guitar.

The Mini Strat is one of the simplest and most straightforward instruments to play. This guitar features a smooth and nicely finished neck and well-spaced strings adjacent to the frets; this makes it easy for your kid to play and register quick progress easily. Moreover, the Mini Strat has a lightweight body, and it is small in size, which makes it enjoyable and easy to hold and play for kids.

This type of Fender electric guitar has a good sounding with a firm tone similar to a strat. The guitar has a good record of staying in tune for a more extended period and registers no sound from the pickups.

The electronics elements on the Mini Strat are reasonably outstanding for the price. It features three single-coil pickups that are quality Squier Strat features, making it sound like a classic Stratocaster. 

The hardware part of this guitar is substantial. The tuners in the Mini Strat are not the best, but they are good and work well for kids; they are also easy to use.

Main Features 

These are the main features that make the Fender Squier Mini Strat:-

  • Its body material is made from poplar woods.
  • It has an Indian Laurel fretboard material.\
  • It has a scale length of 22.75″ (578 mm).
  • The Mini Strat contains 20 Frets on the Fretboard.
  • It has a Stratocaster body shape.
  • This guitar includes six strings that are well spaced.
  • This Mini Strat has five pickup switching Positions:

Position 1. Bridge Pickup,

Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup.

Position 3. Middle Pickup.

Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup.

Position 5. Neck Pickup.

  • The Mini Strat features a 6 Saddle Vintage -Style Strat Strings-Through-Body Hardtail Bridge.
  • The guitar features Standard Die-Cast tuning machines.
  • The Mini Strat contains a high-quality Pickguard-1-Ply White.

Why we have chosen it

The Fender Squier Mini Strat is an incredible electric guitar that has all the qualities that kids would love on an instrument. First of all, this electric guitar is lightweight and small in size; thus, kids can comfortably hold and enjoy playing. The other thing is that it has high-quality accessories that are from a good-quality brand.

Looking at the price tag, the Mini Strat has surprisingly outdone most clients’ expectations regarding its cost. The Mini Strat contains high-quality accessories; thus, the expectation would be that this electric guitar is expensive and can not be accessed, but the significant part is that the Mini Strat has maintained a friendly cost, making it affordable to all. 

The other reason why we have chosen this electric guitar is the response received from clients about it. The MIni Strat has received a lot of positive feedback from clients on how satisfied they are with the quality of the guitar. The Mini Strat has attracted an excellent rating from clients. 


Reviews are great. They provide information to manufacturers and potential clients who want to purchase a product. Before buying a product, it is wise to read the reviews written by previous clients about the product. This aids you in understanding the pros and cons of a product before purchasing.   

Loog Pro Electric Guitar, Children, Teens, & Beginners, (Black)

Product Description 

Loog Pro electric guitar is a good quality starter guitar. It is a small guitar with exceptional sound and quality elements. The Loog Pro guitar is designed for kids between 8 – 11 years but can go a little younger and older depending on the height. It comes with a flashcard and a phone application that aids your kids master the art of play.

This guitar is ¾” in size that comes with three strings instead of the standard six strings. The body is designed with an excellent, post-modern, fashionable shape, with a definite look. The Loog Pro electric guitar comes in colours like Red, white, Lucite, yellow, black and green. This electric guitar is engineered to comfortably fit in the arms of kids without the intimidation of its size. This can be a perfect gift for any kid.

If you are looking for an average kid guitar, then the Loog Pro is the best choice for you since it is easy to master and play. One of the stand-out features in this guitar, other than the size, is that it contains a skinny neck. In most cases, kids have difficulties wrapping their fingers around the Neck of guitars that are bigger, making it hard for them to create chords. The Neck is so thin because the Loog Pro electric guitar only has three strings. This might seem a little odd for guitar-playing adults, but a three-string guitar is generally a good starting point for kids since it is easier to wrap the fingers around and learn. The Loog Pro features cute flashcards combined with the Loog phone application to learn and master how to play. 

Despite being smaller and lighter, it has a great sound that is almost similar to a standard electric guitar. If played with a whole clean tone, the guitar might sound thinner than a standard-sized electric guitar because its strings are slim and shorter, but when any effect is added, the guitar sounds normal.

The Loog Pro electric guitar has only one pickup coil, but that is all that is needed given the /targeted audience are kids.

Main Features

These are the main features of the Loog Pro electric guitar:-

  • This guitar has a scale length of 20.4″.
  • Its body material is made of Linden. 
  • Its Neck and Fretboard are made of Maple wood material.
  • This Loog Pro electric guitar has three strings that have a medium gauge.
  • This electric guitar weighs about 1.56kg which is suitable for kids.
  • It comes assembled and ready to play.
  • It features an adjustable guitar bridge system,

Why we have chosen it 

The Loog Pro electric guitar is an exceptional guitar made with features and mindset. It is a good option for kids from 8 years and older and can also aid kids younger but with a compatible height.

The Loog Pro electric guitar is a small-sized guitar that has a slim neck and is good-looking. The guitar has the ability to maintain the tunes and is designed with three strings to aids kids in easier learning. 

The Loog Pro electric guitar has received a lot of positive feedbacks from clients. 


Before purchasing any product, it is good to go through the products reviews to understand the product better. Different clients view and understand products in very different ways. Reading the reviews gives potential clients a wide range of pros and cons about the product, thus aiding them in making informed decisions. 

The Loog Pro has received both positive and negative reviews that are helpful to both potential clients and the manufacturer. Manufacturers rely on reviews to know the impact of their product on the market. This helps them in understanding what to improve in their next release and what to produce next. Check them out.    

Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Outfit (Appetite Amber) - Single Cut Models

Product Description

The Epiphone Slash AFD is a full-sized beginner electric guitar for kids from age 11 and above. Epiphone designed the Les Paul Junior electric guitar as a cheaper Gibson’s look-alike electric guitar that sounds and feels like the actual Gibson Les Paul. The body of the Junior Gibson contains a normal Les Paul Shape and is more lightweight than any other Les Paul model. 

The Les Paul Junior is a simpler model as it contains only one pickup, volume, two control, and tone. This electric guitar comes in different colours; Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Translucent Blue, Alpine White, Cherry, Vintage Sunburst, and Ebony.

The Les Paul Junior electric guitar simplicity makes it suitable for beginners as well as fun to play. It is also known for its excellent tone and intonation making it maintain a great tune as well as sound good. 

This exceptional electric guitar contains a quality pickup that effectively receives and conveys the vibration of the sound to the amplifier for recording and entertainment. The quality of electronic components in the Les Paul Junior electric guitar is surprisingly excellent for the cost.   

Main Features

These are the main features of the Epiphone Les Paul Junior electric guitar.

  • It is made with a lightweight Mahogany body material and a Rosewood back material.
  • This electric guitar contains six strings and a single pickup that is of high quality.
  • It has a Mahogany neck material that is smooth and easy to play for kids above 11 years.
  • This Gibson Junior electric guitar weighs about 4.94 kg; this makes it light for beginners, which can boost confidence.
  • This electric guitar contains a dimension of 111.76 x 45.72 x 20.32 cm.
  • It features quality Premium die-cast tuners, 14:1 machine heads.

Why we have chosen it

Les Paul Junior electric guitar is an exceptional instrument that comes with class and quality. This model from the Epiphone guarantees comfort, enjoyment, and easy learning techniques as the guitar is simplified.

We have chosen the Les Paul Junior electric guitar because it’s a unique model that features quality components and an excellent finish on the body and Neck for less cash. This makes it a good choice for kids who are interested in learning electric guitar as well as to parent who wants to fulfil their kid’s dreams but are low on budget.

The Les Paul Junior guitars have received a lot of positive feedbacks from clients. This confirms our belief in it. 


Looking at Les Paul Junior reviews, it is clear that the Les Paul Junior electric guitar is a good product, and it is doing well in the market. Reviews are feedback from clients; they may be positive or negative depending on the client’s experience with the product. You can read the reviews to understand a product further before purchasing as they contain honest opinions.     

Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster, Vintage Blonde, Maple

Product Description

Are you looking for a classical electric guitar for your kids (11 years and above) who are passionate and serious about music and learning to play the guitar? If yes, then the Telecaster ’50s electric guitar is the guitar you are looking for; this electric guitar is an excellent value for your money and a good investment for your kid.

This Classic Vibe electric guitar features a vintage telecaster design with a traditional one cutaway. Its body is made from pine and a smooth neck that is made from Maple. This electric guitar is simple and easy to play as it contains switches and knobs that are easy to operate. The sound part of this guitar is great for any music as it maintains tunes and has quality intonation right.

It contains quality pickups that work perfectly. It comes only in two colours; Butterscotch Blonde and Vintage Blonde; these two colours feature a different pickup from the other. The Butterscotch Blonde contains Alnico 5 pickups, while the Vintage Blonde contains Alnico III. 

Main features

These are the main features of the Classic Vibe electric guitar:

  • It features Maple, Swamp Ash body material and Maple, Ash, Pine Wood back materials.
  • The guitar contains six strings and a fine and smooth Maple material for the Neck. 
  • The guitar features Alnico pickups which are known for their powerful tone and fast responsiveness.
  •  The Classic Vibe is a lightweight electric guitar that weighs about 5.4kg. 
  • It contains Vintage-style tuning machines.
  • It has a scale length of 648mm (25 ½”).
  • The body material is partly covered with a 1-ply black scratchplate.
  • Its fingerboard is made of Maple and has a length of 241mm.

Why we have chosen it 

When your child learns to play electric guitar using a high-quality guitar, they tend to love the process, understand music more deeply, and have an easier transition to playing standard electric guitar when they come of age. The Classic Vibe has an excellent quality in both its finishes and components. 

We have chosen it because it is a classy electric guitar that will instil comfort in your kid and teach them how to use and maintain high-quality instruments at a very young age. 


The Classic Vibe electric guitar has received a good rating from clients. Reading reviews aids you in getting different perspectives about the product from different buyers. The Classic Vibe might have worked for some clients, while to others, it may be disappointing.   

If you desire to know if the Classic Vibe is all that is said about it, read its reviews; by reading the reviews, you will be in a position to make an informed decision.

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