About Us

Music, who doesn’t like music? As most do, it started with an acoustic guitar, but the obsession stemmed to just about anything that would make a sound! I’ve played, owned, and collected a load of different instruments in my time, some of them better than others admittedly, however, I do have a vast knowledge of everything music.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to share my wisdom, writing a collection of helpful articles and where better than feature them than this blog, The Occasional Orchestra.

Why the name? I will admit from time to time I’ve fallen out of love with playing instruments, whether it be through lack of time or disinterest, but it’s something I have and always will enjoy – I just need to stay on the right path and maintain interest, hence, the occasional. Then followed Orchestra, it just sounded right and importantly it fit, as I will be talking about a load of different instruments.

The Values

It’s important to me that in everything I write, and put out, I’m giving an honest opinion or providing information that is genuine and useful. I’ll hold my hands up, occasionally, I might get something wrong but at the core of this blog, here are my main values:

  • Honest – I cross my heart that to the best of my knowledge I will give my honest opinion, whether that be on a product I have personally bought or even one I’ve been sent.
  • Research, research, research – I will always do as much research as possible before putting anything online! I want to make sure anything I state is factually correct, and if I’ve got it wrong, feel free to tell me!
  • Trusted – As I mentioned everything is well researched, you can trust the content I put out. I also don’t try to sway it too much with my opinion, I’ll look at the opinion of others trawling through reviews to give an impartial view.
  • Passionate – If it hasn’t come across already, I’m passionate about music! And that is something that hopefully you can see in my writing, so you’ll find a lot of passionate opinions (even though as mentioned I’ll try remain somewhat impartial!)

What You’ll Find

Now it leads me to the final section, what will you actually find on The Occasional Orchestra? I’ve found in my writing that I tend to stick to a few different core types of articles, these include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Product Reviews: I will share my experience in using a particular product, but what I also understand is that even if a product isn’t quite to my preference, that doesn’t mean it’s bad! So I will try my best to remain impartial.
  • Buying Guides: From beginners to experts, anyone might need a bit of assistance in choosing what instrument might be best for them! Now with these, I might not have actually owned each of the instruments, so I’ll be going off my research and other people’s opinions to compile the best choices for my audience.
  • Learning Section: I want to help people! If I’ve learned something, or feel I can write a guide to help people understand, get into, or just generally have an interest in music more than when they left the site – that’s rewarding!